monday, october 27

enough of mommy hijacking the laptop.  i'm back. 

Picture 139 on friday we had to take lexi to the vet.  she cut her paw a few weeks ago and it got infected.  the vet had to open it up and let all of the infection out.  $89.90 and some antibiotics later, she is still moping around but her foot looks better.  i very much enjoyed going to the vet.  there were lots of fun puppies to look at.  something tells me that lexi didn't feel the same way about the experience. 

on saturday evening we all hunkered down and watched the breeders cup.  mommy loves watching horse racing.  she always has since she was a little girl.  she remembers watching the kentucky derby every year before church with her daddy as he yelled at the tv and whatever horse he had placed a bet on to "GO, GO, GO!"  i bet she never really got much out of church that night as she probably had visions of the horses "dancing" around the track.  it is fitting that i came home this year on the first weekend of may…the weekend of the kentucky derby.  horse racing also played an important role on mommy and daddy's wedding day.  may 19, 2007, the day of the preakness.  mommyreally, really wanted to watch the race so the entire wedding party snuck into flannery's in downtown st. louis in between pictures.  someone asked mommy who her favorite was to win and she yelled out curlin.  neck and neck down the stretch, the entire bar was yelling for curlin to "GO, GO, GO!"  and he did!  he was not the world's favorite that day but certainly mommy and daddy's favorite. 


maybe if i have a brother he will be named curlin.  on saturday in the mile race of the breeders cup there was a little filly named goldikova that was in a race with all the boys and she won.  she was little and she was feisty and she won.  so mommy told me that if i could have a third name it would be goldikova.  adali grace goldikova antisdel…has a nice ring to it huh?   


yesterday mommy and daddy wanted to get out of the house so we all packed up and headed to p.f. changs followed by a little shopping.  i am now a pro at using chopsticks and love rice (rice does not contain gluten).  speaking of food, i am actually doing much better with baby food minus rice cereal.  i am eating a few teaspoons now and some of it actually stays in my mouth and tastes good.  mommy only noticed one possible allergic reaction to sweet potatoes.  other than that i am eating lots of varieties from bananas to peas to avocados.  mommy is very happy that i like avocados so much because it is high in good fats.  my formula intake is about the same right now at about 24 ounces a day…i know…weak.

who wants to eat when you can play!

Picture 093

 yep, that's my bathtub which doubles as my recliner.  i guess i'm just doing my part to save mom and dad a few bucks in the tough economy.  

love and fairy dust,

Adali grace sig    

thanks ~ i am thankful that halloween is this week so i can put on my too cute costume and pass out candy with my mama.  you better come back and see what i am going to be for my first halloween…you won't want to miss it.

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