thursday, october 28

la-la-la-la!  it's october 28, 101.1 has been playing christmas music for weeks, the store with the bullseye has it's christmas trees up for sale and the place where mommy gets my prescription filled is selling wrapping paper with snowmen and reindeer on it.  i guess it's as good a time as any to decide what i want to ask santa for.  i think i'm going to have a long list, it is afterall my very first christmas.  i found the best way to shop is to flip through magazines and if i find something i like, i rip the page out and eat it.

Picture 158 

Picture 161 

 Picture 149  

there are only 57 days left until santa comes.  what will you be asking for?


love and fairy dust,

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  1. Michelle says:

    I must say Miss Adali…not that you haven’t heard this before…but you are quite the CUTE kid/baby! Even when you’re chewing on paper like a crazy person :) I would go as far to say that I’ve never seen paper chewing any cuter than when you do it.

    Take it from Addi, Christmas is great but it’ll be even greater when you’re about 3 yrs old and you finally realize what Christmas for a little kid is all about…PRESENTS! Although with your ravenous appetite for paper this may be your best Christmas ever – LOTS OF WRAPPING PAPER FOR YOUR CHEWING PLEASURE, BABY!!


  2. Chrystal says:

    Adali, You can start planning for Christmas as soon as we see your Halloween costume. It’s Nov 1 and we’ve waited long enough. Show us the costume!!

  3. Elsa says:

    Hi there!
    Here I was in the morning checking blogs with my mom and she found you through NieNie’s! Nierecovery has been a real inspiration for her, but so are YOU! We little persons with not so easy life stories are real treasures, and so dear to our parents.

    Just to comment your achievements: awesome roll-overs!!! I’m almost there, mom says I only need the last push. That’s how we are, amazing in our development, proving to everybody we’ll be fine!

    Lots of greetings from Finland,
    Elsa, 4 months old (& Anna, just old)

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