thursday, october 2

sunday's mean…

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loungin' without pants. 

you see the real purpose of mommy sitting me hear in my boppy was to help me practice sitting up on my own.  but, every time she puts me like this, i end up doing this…

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ahhh success.  quite frankly, i no longer sit still…for ANYTHING.  i'm close to sitting up, but let's face it, why show them you can do that because then they won't hold you anymore.  as soon as they know you can sit up they plop you on the floor with a pile of toys and walk away…for the birds i tell you.  see they are already trying to do that with me…

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you just wait i outsmart them every time!

mommy actually needs your help to try and outsmart me, and because i'm willing to play her game, i will allow you  to try and help her just this once.  i am starting to wake up throughout the night.  she and daddy have figured out that if they give me my pacifier that i go back to sleep.  the problem is that i have yet to figure out how to keep my pacifier in my mouth.  they put it in, let go and in 0.2 seconds it falls out.  i love my binky dearly but it just won't stay in so they either need to stand over my bassinet holding the binky in my mouth until i fall hard enough asleep that i won't wake up when it falls out or they have to pick me up and hold me until i fall asleep again.  this is getting real old for them as you can imagine (i kind of get a kick out of it).  if you have any suggestions on how to get me to be able to keep my binky in my mouth longer than it takes me to blink please leave a comment.  all comments are welcome unless of course you are going to tell mommythat there's a link between vaccinations, not being able to keep binky's in mouths and some horrific disease, then mommy will get all opinionated on you…and trust me, you don't want that…ask daddy.

love and fairy dust,

Picture 044   

don't try and outsmart me or i will eat you too…

adali grace

thanks ~ mommy and i are thankful that she is another year older and only a few gray hairs to show for the last 12 months!  she embraces her gray hairs as little reminders of what she's learned in life…or at least she sells herself this story so she doesn't have to spend money coloring her hair.

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  1. Chrystal says:

    Adali – My Mommy and Daddy almost resorted to duct tape! Don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll realize what a great thing a paci is…and you’ll never let go! Before you know it our Mommies will be trying to figure out how to get RID if it…(Sometimes my Mommy will put my fist in front of the pacifier so I can “hold” it in until I fall asleep. She thinks this works, but you and I know we are WAY smarter then that! We’re going to make them do the work for us as long as we can, right?!?!)

  2. Michelle Stokes says:

    We had to try different binkys with Cassie when she was little, we ended up successful with a MAM binky. It has the round bulb at the tip, they get a good grip on it, shapes the roof of their mouth. Cassie liked these the best with the silicon nipple, not the rubber. link to

    Good luck.

  3. Liv C. says:

    Teagan had the same issue, and we agree the MAM really works. She gets a much better latch on it. I also found this brand in an “open air” variation which helps with pacifier rash on her cheeks.
    link to

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