wednesday, october 15

last friday mommy daddy and i set out on the great adventure to kansas.  we wanted to visit everyone before i begin my rsv retreat at 2137 sidney street.  

ohhhh it was a loooong car ride.  as i have told you before, i don't much prefer to sit still for very long at all so being confined to my car seat for several hours was torture.  the time there made it all worth it though.  i got to see my cousins, aunts and uncles and gaga and bapa.  i came back to st. louis with a little something extra than what i went to kansas with…

Picture 073 

i am not an indian princess but rather was attacked by a swarm of kansas mosquitoes.  they are ruthless and left their mark on my delicate baby skin.  the particular bite that you see in the picture raised the most questions but what you don't see is that the entire right side of my noggin is covered in them.  i have never had a run in with mosquitoes before this trip, but i can now tell you i don't like them.  i know i am sweet but leave me alone!  the mosquito bites came while at a family photo shoot (outside of course).  on saturday, i got my picture taken by my aunt kia, my cousin tressie and gaga at their photography studio.  for those of you who don't know, they are photographers.  to see their amazing work you can go here. then the whole antisdel family went to a secret site (ok not really but it sounds more interesting when it's secret) to have cousin tressie take our picture.  aunt kia got her inspiration from the shoot from a magazine. i was having a great time just watching everyone goof off and act silly, especially daddy…he's good at that.  anyway, here are some pictures from the photo shoot.  i promise to share the finished product once i get my grubby little (but getting bigger) hands on it.  until then you will have to do with mommies pictures.

Picture day 

aunt micala and uncle sari getting their picture taken on their truck, sunshine.


cousin chilton being a boy.

Tuckered out 

getting your picture taken is hard work!

all in all it was a very successful trip and one i won't ever forget!  thank you aunt kia, cousin tressie and gaga for taking my picture.  i can't wait to see them.  until i see you again in kansas…

love and fairy dust,

Adali grace sig 

thanks ~ we are thankful that mosquitoes don't survive in the winter.

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