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wednesday, november 26     as we close in on thanksgiving i feel compelled to thank one of the most amazing people in my life, my mother.  without her, i'm not sure jastin and i would be where we are today in this journey with adali.  she was always there for both us.  it was like [ Continue Reading ... ]

Picture 106

tuesday, november 25 here is proof that my baby is sitting up.   the problem is, when you sit her up she gets frustrated that she will have to fall to get on her back to be mobile (rolling around).  i suppose she will work through it and figure out how to go from her [ Continue Reading ... ]

Save Babies From Premature Birth

monday, november 24 as part of a national effort to save babiesfrom premature birth the march of dimes has designated november as prematurity awareness month.  november is dedicated to raising awareness about premature births while also raising funds for the march of dimes.  premature birth is the number one killer of newborns and more than [ Continue Reading ... ]

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tuesday, november 18 lately, i have been asked a lot of the same questions which leads me to believe i haven't had my blogging "a" game lately.  it could be the fact that i'm still trying to catch up at home and work after a visit from some sort of nasty stomach bug last week [ Continue Reading ... ]

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friday, november 14 every night when jastin and i get home from work we have a schedule.  i feed adali her second to last bottle and he feeds her the last bottle.  this way we both get cuddle time with her and she gets to equally rake at our eyes, tickle our backs or shove [ Continue Reading ... ]

Picture 050

monday, november 10 it smells like winter outside.  it feels like winter outside.  there is more than a slight nip in the air, it's downright COLD.  so, this is how the antisdels spent thier weekend…huddled up by this…     me and duckey doing this…   and mama letting me get nekkid and lay in [ Continue Reading ... ]