monday, november 10

it smells like winter outside.  it feels like winter outside.  there is more than a slight nip in the air, it's downright COLD.  so, this is how the antisdels spent thier weekend…huddled up by this…

  Picture 050 

me and duckey doing this…

  Picture 060

and mama letting me get nekkid and lay in front of the fire…pure joy i tell you, pure joy!

Picture 040 

important happenings this week; first synagis shot tomorrow and 8 month appointment with pediatrician on friday. 

love and fairy dust,

Picture 064  

adali grace

thanks ~ thank you to a very cute julia dover for sending me this adorable hat her mommy made.  sometimes i guess it pays to be little.  thank you jenny, it may not look like it in the picture but it fits perfectly!

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  1. i’m so glad it fits! looks like adali likes hats as much as julia. i put them on her anyway! i can’t wait until rsv season is over and they can meet each other. i just started my own blog and it’s terrible, but i am going to try to learn from you! :) Jenny

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