thursday, november 6

i've had to listen to all you people talk about politics since the day i was born and i didn't even get to vote?  so not fair.  at least i got the stickers.

Picture 425   

Picture 441

Picture 447

i watched…and i waited…and i passed out…Picture 450    


who did you vote for?

love and fairy dust,


adali grace

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  1. kelli says:

    HI there….I just wanted to comment on your blog (or your daughter's blog)…I saw your post from the Nie Nie post, and wanted to check out your blog. What GREAT blogging. You are really keeping something up that is great, and your daughter will love to have all those memories someday. You have a beautiful family and I particularly love the vaccine posts. I struggled with that subject for my own children, and I am glad I have made the choices I have made. Some of them from reading your blog, and your research. So, much deserved "Thank You"–from the east coast…

  2. Catherine says:

    Beautiful family story! I found your site through Nienie…I'm going to bookmark to you to keep track of Miss Adali, she is such a doll!

  3. Chrystal Kiefer says:

    Wait just a minute! Stickers AND a swing state?? No fair! I'm asking my mom if we can move. -Austin

  4. Addi says:

    Welp Miss Adali i can personally tell you Tuesday night my house was a divided home and someone (mommy) went to bed very upset. I assume she's over it now especially since she's talking to daddy again.

    Not sure what the big fuss is, voting for a donkey or an elephant…you adults are crazy thinking that any animal can run the USA. But if i had a vote i would vote for a RED Elephant – MY all time favorite color and animal (seriously, go figure).

    Congratulations to all the Donkeys (as i swallow my pride)…Me, my elephant, Joe the Plumber & the Hockey Mom (said with an accent) will try again in 4 years!!


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