tuesday, november 18

lately, i have been asked a lot of the same questions which leads me to believe i haven't had my blogging "a" game lately.  it could be the fact that i'm still trying to catch up at home and work after a visit from some sort of nasty stomach bug last week that had both me and doctor a down and out for a few days or it could just be that i'm lousy at this whole blogging thing after all.  whatever the reason, i will try to answer the questions that have popped up lately.

1) how do you say your daughter's name? we pronounce it as add-uh-lie.  but she also answers to bubbers, pumpkin pie, doops, adders, baby girl or about anything else you feel like calling her. 

2) i have never heard of add-uh-lie before, how did you come up with her name?  we were (i was) driving to kansas last year for christmas and jastin was bored so he started to look up baby names on his phone.  we already knew it was a girl from a high level ultrasound we needed to get after some concern about her heart so our search was pretty focused.  he started on the "a" names and read down the list.  when he got to adeline i made him stop.  I liked the "oldness" of the name but wasn't crazy about how long it was and said "what about adali?"  it went to the top of the list along with one other girl name which i will not mention in case i ever get the crazy idea to go through this again and we have another girl.  we were originally going to spell it adeli but heard that our niece, Kessa, said that she couldn't wait to meet uh-del-ee we promptly changed it.  people still commonly mispronounce it but it doesn't bother us.  we figure she is going to have to pronounce her last name in school anyway so it won't be a big deal for her growing up.  

3) we know that your husband is a physician but you have never mentioned what you do.  so, what do you do?  i work for this company as a human resources manager.   

4) since you work, who watches add-uh-lie?  oh, this is an answer better left for it's own special post.  but if you must know right now…it's this wonderful woman known as my mom.  special post to come later.

5) are you still breastfeeding?  when people ask me this i would love to see the look on my face.  what i really want to say in reply is, "what part of these little boobies makes you think i'm still breastfeeding?"  but, what i do say is that i never really did breastfeed adali.  i tried and i thought she was, but she never really was.  however, i did pump. religiously.  it's hard to keep your milk supply up when you are solely pumping not to mention completely exhausted and emotionally worn down.  i stopped pumping after about 4 1/2 months once my supply was all but dried up.  i had enough in our freezer to last us another 4-6 weeks and then she switched to formula. and then a different formula.  and then another formula…and yeah you get the point.  we now have her on similac alimentum and we use every trick in the book to get it for less money than in the stores.

6) are her eyes ok?  i know what people really want to ask is, "is she cross-eyed?"  her left eye seems to go in more than her right.  the pediatrician explained that most babies in fact are never cross eyed even when they appear to be.  it is simply that the bridge of their nose is wider at this age and that as is gets more slender they appear to be less cross-eyed.  we do have an eye appointment scheduled for decemeber, so this will be something that we discuss with dr. davitt.  

7) is add-uh-lie crawling yet?  one thing at a time people!  no, she is not crawling, but she is sitting up.  she just started to do this on her own this past weekend.  i am over.the.moon. about it.  she has been spending more time on her belly as of late but can't figure out what to do with her arms once she gets her butt in the air.  she will figure it out.  and once she does, i will be over the moon about it too.  

8) does add-uh-lie have a toaster head?   you tell me.  does she?  

9) is the rsv shot that add-uh-lie gets a vaccine?  no.  it actually gives her the antibodies that babies normally receive in the third trimester to fight off infections like rsv.  she will get a shot every 28 days which will replenish the antibodies she needs.  if she is 15 lbs by her next cycle (dec 10) she will need 2 shots. 

10) do you still feel that vaccinating add-uh-lie is the right thing to do after reading all of the comments from those opposed to vaccines? i get this question a lot.  i can say without hesitation that i absolutely still feel that vaccinating our babies is the right thing to do.  adali will continue to get her vaccines on the schedule provided by our pediatrician.  i am very thankful that so many people took the time to read my views and comment with their own views.  i wanted (and sometimes did) to email each person and continue the conversation with them.  that is how important i feel this is for our children.     

11) did you ever figure out a solution to your pacifier problemyes and no.  we tried every brand of pacifier that people suggested and she wasn't have anything to do with any of them.  she still doesn't have a good enough suck to keep a pacifier in on her own for more than 3 seconds but now she has learned to put her hand over the pacifier if she really wants to keep it in longer.  she is sleeping much better through the night and we have gotten creative with ways to help her hold it in her mouth at 2 am if she does wake up.   

12) will you be having a birthday party for add-uh-lie when she turns 1?  of course!  we will most likely have a private one on her actual birthday since it will still be rsv season.  however, once the wizard behind the curtain deems that rsv season is over, we plan to have a huge celebration for add-uh-lie.  more info to come on this later but everyone will be invited.  yes, you too.

13) this isn't a question but i just had to share it with you.  last night, while using skills from prior high school cheerleading days, i got add-uh-lie to chuckle from the depths of her belly.  it was the cutest most refreshing thing i have ever heard in all my days of motherhood (all 256 of them).  she loooves when her mama acts like a fool.  i will attempt to get a video of this and post by the weekend.  

i hope i have answered all of the burning questions out there for everyone.  if there are more burning questions out there that i haven't answered you can ask them in the comments or if you want them to be private you can always email me at jamieantisdel@hotmail.com.

now i leave with a picture of my adorable daughter self medicating.

Picture 121 

until tomorrow (hopefully).       

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  1. this was a fun post! curious to know about your mom watching adali :)

    though bennett's name isn't hard to pronounce, it's commonly misspelled (bennet or benett). kind of annoying.

  2. JaymeO says:

    Isn't it so much fun being a mom?! You have a captive audience that will laugh at all of the silly things you do!

  3. Addison Danielle says:

    Hi baby Adali. Miss you. Hope you're handling the cold weather okay (from the looks of how happy you were in front of the fireplace, you are!). Your first full winter – it gets cold, baby! But trust me the snow is worth it!! Just don't eat the yellow stuff…eeeewww. "Lub" you, have sweet dreams.


    ps I told mommy that I'd rather be at YOUR birthday party than my baby brother's…needless to say mommy wasn't too happy.

  4. Chrystal says:

    Adali, we know vaccines are a must, but please don't give them to yourself!

  5. Vicky says:

    Where do you live?

  6. Jennifer Frandsen says:

    Dear Adali’s mother,
    I understand that you are speaking from conviction and believe you are doing the right thing when you speak about vaccines. I also appreciate the fact that you tell people to do their own research. However, I wonder if you have looked into David Kirby’s book EVIDENCE OF HARM or if you have personally spoken to or know families that have children with autism? You have a very sweet and precious family, but you and your husband are also very young and lack the experience to be speaking with authority on this matter. Once again, I don’t wish to offend but I really do desire to protect innocent children and wish someone would have spoken to me so bluntly when I was naively trusting my allopathic profession.

  7. M. Carter says:

    I stumbled onto your blog and am so glad I did…what a beautiful little girl… Congratulations on your progress!

  8. Jack Pearson says:

    Dear Adali,

    Still we have yet to meet! You just get cuter and cuter, no? I am growing with great aplomb as I love to eat but not so much with the sleeping. Mom and Dad have tried ‘the Ferber method’ on me this week with mixed results. We are all exhausted. Crying sucks. For everyone.

    The ‘rents tell me how miraculous you are and that your parents would make wicked in-laws. Here’s hoping we can play date soon. I’ve got my shots!

    Jack Pearson

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