wednesday, november 26

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as we close in on thanksgiving i feel compelled to thank one of the most amazing people in my life, my mother.  without her, i'm not sure jastin and i would be where we are today in this journey with adali.  she was always there for both us.  it was like she knew what i needed before i did.  she could tell the days i was struggling and would drive to st. louis at the drop of a hat to take me out to lunch so that i could get some fresh air and put aside my anxiety and heartbreak for a brief period of time. 

the day adali was cleared to wear clothing, her face lit up.  from then on every time she came to visit, she had a new outfit for her.  the day we couldn't find her little pink bow she went out bought ribbon and made dozens of bows…one to match every outfit she could ever wear.  she was anxious to hold her only grandchild but understood our request to wait until she was stable.  the picture above was taken on april 23, the very first time she held adali…can you see the love? 

when adali came home, she would drive to st. louis just to watch her sleep for a few hours and then drive back home.  i'm sure her visits were just as much to check to see how i was doing…to make sure that when i said i was holding up, that i truly was.  that's what a mother does, right? 

she immediately stepped up to watch adali for about 6 weeks during the summer once i returned to work.  this required her to drive 90 miles early monday morning.  she would live with us during the week and then drive 90 miles back home on friday.  in august adali was scheduled to be taken care of by a wonderful woman we had found though a friend.  it wouldwork out well because she was only a few minutes from my office and she could cater to adali's needs.  adali must have had different a different plan.  because her reflux was so severe and her feeding issues were at their peak we made the decision to keep her at home.  my mom, knowing the energy and special care it took to make sure adali was on the right track offered to take a semester off of teaching and continue to care for adali during the day for us.  i remember going to bed that night crying because i was so grateful.  

she never sees anything as a burden.  she never gets angry when adali throws up all over her.  she never gets frustrated when she has to wrestle with her to eat.  she doesn't mind holding her in her arms while she naps.  she is not only there for adali, but she is just as much there for jastin and i.  if we want to go out to dinner, she's says "go, adali and I will be fine."  we love having her in the house and i know adali loves her dearly by the smile she gives her every night before we take her up to bed.    

at the beginning of the year, my mom will return to her life, to teaching, to her own house and to the one thing she has greatly missed, her husband.  well…she will sort of return.  she will still drive over to watch adali on thursday's and friday's.  we are in the process now of looking for someone to come to our house and watch adali monday-wedensay.  i know there is nobody that can replace my mom, but if you know anyone that is even half as good as she is that would love to watch a special little girl a few days a week, please let us know. 

mom, i just want to tell you that i love you very much and i am so grateful for everything you have done for our family.  i have learned so much from you.  adali will always be reminded of the amazing part you played in helping her to grow up to be the fabulous woman we all know she will be.


your daughter    

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  1. Jamie, what a sweet post! You are indeed blessed to have so much help from your mom.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Natalie (and Landen) Carver says:


    Happy (early) Thanksgiving. I’m so happy that you have such a wonderful grandma to watch you all the time. I know that your Gaga here in Louisburg loves you too – I just got to see her when I had my St. Nick pictures taken by your Aunt Kia.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any grandmas because they both had cancer and passed away before I was born, but my mommy and daddy tell me about them all the time.

    Sometimes my mommy gets upset when she feels like people are not appreciative of having a mom (even if they are not as perfect as your grandmas are). But she was SO, SO happy to read your mommy’s post today – it brought her to tears.

    Please tell your mommy thank you for being such a wonderful person and for posting such a uplifting message. I know that you are thankful for having such a great mommy too, Adali!

    With love (and a little bit of a baby crush),

    Landen Carver, 8 1/2 months old

  3. Lisa & John Bondurant says:

    Jamie: it’s great to hear your praise for your Mother. Mother’s are often unsung heroes, the ones that are always waiting in the wings to dry our tears, iron our shirt, love us when we feel no one else does, etc., etc. My wonderful Mother is now in heaven and I think I miss her more every single day. Please treasure every moment together, they are gifts from God, as are Mothers.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jastin and Adali. I know we are all thankful for Adali being here so healthy to enjoy her first Thanksgiving. She is a lucky little girl to have two wonderful Grandmothers who love her very much, along with a lot of other people.


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