thursday, november 4


i promised to tell you more about nienie so here it goes.  stephanie nielson and her husband christian were in a private plane crash in august.  christian suffered burns over 30 percent of his body while stephanie suffered burns over 80 percent of her's.  i did not discover stephanie's blog until after her accident, however, i wish i would have stumbled upon it much sooner.  stephanie illustrates the joy of being a wife and mother beautifully. 

i have never met stephanie but one day hope to have the pleasure.  i would love to thank her for helping me, helping me realize that life is messy sometimes but it's also very sweet.   i now understand that i need to focus on what adali was blessed with instead of focusing on what her limitations are.  this realization had never been so clear to me until i read one of her posts entitled "perfect day."  she mentioned everything that made her day perfect that day and ended it by saying "one perfect day down, millions more to go."  it hit me when she said that…that i could either spend my days being anxious about adali's progress or i could spend my days enjoying her as who she was and celebrating her life every day with jastin.  so now, we celebrate!  to read more of stephanie's "perfect day" blog and why it was so important to me you can go here.    

both stephanie and christian continue to heal from their accident.  as stephanie's sister, courtney, has said, stephanie is "out of the woods and into the sunshine."  they have a long road of healing ahead of them, but i feel very strongly that prayers have helped them get this far.  add them to your prayer list, i'm sure they would appreciate it.

to read more about nienie and her sister courtney, you can go here and here.     

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  1. I only discovered her after the accident, too…but she and her husband just seem like incredible people (not to mention cjane and the rest of the family who took in the kids). i need to add her to my google reader; otherwise i forget to check in!

  2. Amie says:

    c jane is my first read every morning! what an amazing and inspiring story. i’m not a mom yet, but reading her blog makes me know the kind of mom i want to be. another really great thing about her blog is how it’s opening my eyes to so many other people and their families and blogs, like yours! :)

  3. Chrystal Kiefer says:

    What a small blogger world it is! I started reading Stephanie and Courtney’s blogs while I was on maternity leave. What an inspiration they both are! Just today C Jane reminds me that even the small things, like snow, can bring happiness.

    Adali, it was great to finally meet you in person. You were just what I needed yesterday!

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