friday, november 14

every night when jastin and i get home from work we have a schedule.  i feed adali her second to last bottle and he feeds her the last bottle.  this way we both get cuddle time with her and she gets to equally rake at our eyes, tickle our backs or shove her fist in our mouth as she eats.  usually, for reasons unknown to either of us, she wakes up while jastin is feeding her. 

this, my friends, is where the games begin.  she then cranks her head over to my side of the bed and with a twinkle in her eye smiles the biggest smile ever at me.  one of us then cuddles her tightly until she falls back asleep.  adali still cannot fall asleep without being swaddled, so upon eyes shutting (for the second time now), we proceed to wrap her in her straight jacket.  most nights this leads to her waking up yet again.  at this point we have learned that she needs to go into her bassinet.  yes, she is still small enough to fit into it and yes it sits a mere 15 inches from my side of the bed.  once she's in her bassinet (awake for the third time now) she begins to melt my heart.

Picture 079She turns her head to see me through the bars of her bassinet and grins this huge "i love you mommy" grin.  i smile back and then my heart melts.  it melts from the love i feel from her, for the pride i feel for her and for the blessings, that in that very instantance are completely overwhelming to me.  yes, it's annoying that she still isn't asleep, but who cares when she's smiling at you…who cares about anything when she looks at you with that "i love you mommy grin!"

Picture 084

and then she turns and she sleeps.  sleep tight baby girl…and keep smiling at me!  


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