tuesday, november 25

here is proof that my baby is sitting up.

Picture 106 

the problem is, when you sit her up she gets frustrated that she will have to fall to get on her back to be mobile (rolling around).  i suppose she will work through it and figure out how to go from her butt to her knees and then to crawling.  two things that really motivate her to move around are lexi and the remote to the tv.  both are heaven to her. 

she had her 8 month check up a few weeks ago and she seems to be doing well.  we are still not on the growth chart but we kind of expected that.  she weighed in at 14 lbs exactly.  her formula intake has gone up a bit but she has really let us know she isn't very interested in most solid/babyfood as of late.  i say "most" because she shows great fondness for things like chocolate pudding, queso dip and peanut butter cookies…ya know the stuff she isn't supposed to be eating yet.  well, she ate a fair amount of chocolate pudding and queso but i drew the line at the peanut butter cookies.  we aren't pushing her to eat anything that she doesn't want to because she is still getting the nutrition she needs from her formula.  she is still considered developmentally delayed but she is making great strides to catch up.  she is doing everything she should be doing for her adjusted age of 5 months which is the important thing right now.

she wasn't her normal smiling, cheerful self over the weekend.  we suspect either the stomach bug that had passed through our house the week before or her teeth bothering her.  i have blamed her off moods on her teeth multiple times before and she still has zero teeth so i am hesitant to keep blaming it on them.  she has just been super clingy, much fussier and her appetite has been down.

one thing that doesn't change whether she is sick or not is her feistiness.  she is so strong and constantly needs to be moving.  i have pictures to prove this as well.

here you have a picture of how a baby should sit in her bouncy seat…

Picture 134     

notice the bib doubling as a cape.  her pants happen to be on backwards in this picture as well…don't ask…i have no idea.

Picture 128 

and this is how adali wishes to "sit" in her bouncy.  i could just hear her justifying it to me…"but mom this is the only way i can reach the toys."

we managed to get our christmas decorations up this weekend so i hope to post soon with fun pictures.  hopefully adali will be back to herself soon so she can resume posting.

until then,

mama a signing off 

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh man…we had something wicked come through our household as well. I think Addison and myself are FINALLY getting over it…stomach bug, coughing, fevers, snotty nose…the fun stuff, ya know!

    You say she’s clingy aye…Well that only gets MUCH worse. And the sicker or more uncomfortable they are the more clingy they become…as you have found. Enjoy it, they’re only babies for so long (tear).

    8 months! Wozer…come and go so fast. Keep up the good work on getting strong and staying fiesty – God love ya!


    ps. Not to throw daddy A under the bus but if i had to make a guess i would guess her pants are on backwards because of him. Addison will be 3 in January she has started to dress (and undress) herself, but sometimes i still have to wonder if her clothes are on backwards b/c of daddy S or b/c of her :)

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