tuesday, december 2

vicky left a comment on my i have answers post wanting to know where we live.  well vicky, we live in the 4th most dangerous city wonderful city of saint louis. 


neither of us are from saint louis.  i grew up in a little town in illinois and jastin grew up in an even smaller town in kansas…just 2 kids from the country that decided to move to the city.  i went to college at saint louis university which is where he went to medical school.  he matched here for his residency program…we met his intern year and the rest is history.

Picture 104   

we live here…in an old brownstone (with way too many stairs for a baby) that has been completely gutted and rehabbed.  right now, this is what you will find inside our little gem of a home…

  Picture 163 

Picture 140 

Picture 144

Picture 142how long do you give her before she pulls the whole thing down?












i am in the christmas spirit more this year than ever before.  there's nothing like a little one to make even the biggest grinch into a believer.  i want to make every holiday season the most special occassion littered with tradition.  our little family is still in the process of making our own traditions, but one day we can look back and remember how all of our traditions came to be.  

what are some of your holiday traditions? 

much holiday love,

mama a  

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  1. we’re not even putting up the stockings until Christmas Eve; I’m sure Jack Henry would pull them down. And the heavy stocking holder would hit him on the head.

    Hmmm…traditions. This will be our first Christmas in STL! We’ve always gone home (we won’t until after Christmas this year). I’m looking forward to establishing some traditions here! One thing we always do, though, before Christmas, is load the kids in the van in their pjs, pack up some chex mix, and drive around and look at christmas lights. We try to do little trips here and there throughout the season, but the boys definitely look forward to the one BIG night!

  2. Sara T says:

    Is your Tree real? It is beatuiful! We get a real tree each year and went with a white pine(??) this year because it is a softer needle tree so that when – notice i don’t say if – Katie pulls the tree over on her – it will be a softer lighter tree to fall on her! :-)
    When doing our family picture in front of the tree she got her head into the needles and got MAD – and now has stayed away from the tree – hoping that was enough to keep her away for good!
    But the tree also doesn’t hold lights or oranments as well – so it is not as pretty as my trees in the past… oh well.
    The only Christmas tradition that we have kept up on – we have my parents over for a Breakfast feast on Christmas morning. Before the girls it was nice to just visit with mom and dad and share in the excitment of the day (me and mom’s favorite holiday) now that the girls are here – it is even better as they are so excited to show off their new “stuff”.
    I agree – there is something about having children of your own that adds a whole new exciting and wonderful twist to the Christmas season!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Kristin Neal says:

    Dear Sweet mother of Miss Adali,
    I not really sure how I stumbled across your blog. One lazy evening a few months ago I was blog hopping and landed here. I went all the way back to the beginning and was enamored with every detail. Your story hit so close to home. My lovely family was blessed with two little ones (my twin cousins) who were born at 26 weeks weighing in at 1.15 pounds (a little girl) and 2.2 pounds (a little boy). I spent the entire summer I got my learner’s permit driving my family back at forth to the hospital. My aunt and Uncle and 4 year-old cousin were so strong and such an inspiration to the rest of our family as we all gathered around and battled through this. Little Ashley is now a rambunctious 10-year-old who I affectionally call “my shadow”. Little Matthew fought a good fight, but after a little over 1 month, went to live with Jesus.

    Although I have never met you, nor would I know you if I passed you on the street, I have loved getting to know you and your adorable family through your sweet words and stories. I crack up at the stories of how much Adali is growing. I know that it is quite a battle raising a preemie and trying to get them caught back up. Keep up your great work. It is so clear that Adali is one lucky girl to be blessed with such a loving family; such devoted and adoring parents!

    Enough of my babbling. Please know that through the wackiness of the internet, I have fallen in love with your family and am so glad that you are doing well and looking forward to Adali’s first Christmas. Hence the reason that I finally got around to posting a comment. I had to share a few Christmas traditions for you to noodle. My FAVORITE Christmas tradition of all time is the brand-new “Christmas Pajamas” from my parents that my sister and I get to open on Christmas Eve. We are now 25 & 21, and still, every year on Christmas Eve, the one gift we get to open from our parents is our matching pajamas. The tradition started back when I was born; I got brand new pjs to wear to bed on Christmas eve. When my sister was born we started to get matching pjs so that we had something “new, fun and festive” to wear as we ran down the hallway to see all the goodies that Santa had left. Those early Christmas morning videos with the two of us in our matching pjs playing with our new (unwrapped because SANTA never wraps, instead he dislays like a toy shop) toys are priceless memories.

    Good luck with establishing brand new traditions with your sweet baby girl. Merry Christmas!


  4. Leah says:

    what a cool brownstone- and such a cute baby. love your xmas photos with the lights, very decorative! happy christmas season!

  5. Shannon Albert says:

    Jami, Jastin & Adali,
    Thank you for the Christmas Card/Picture. It is beautiful. I don’t know if you guys are coming home for christmas so if I don’t see you I hope you have a wonderful christmas. I started the same tradition that Kristin’s (above) mom has for her and her sister. I started after Emmi was born. Every christmas eve they get new jammies that they get to wear that night. They don’t necessarily get matching ones, because they are so different and like different things. I hope that it is something that they can remember when they are in their 20′s and older like Kristin and her sister.
    Anyways, I hope that Adalis first christmas is a great one. Children make everything more exciting and memorable.
    Merry Christmas,

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