thursday, december 18

Tooth fairy i have seen on several blogs where people are writing letter's to santa to ask for things like more time, more patience, etc.  right now, i don't need santa.  right now, i need the tooth fairy…desperately.  below you will find my letter written over the past few days to the tooth fairy.

dear tooth fairy,

you may remember me.  i was the little girl who would let anyone pull out her teeth with a pliers so that she could put the treasure in her little tooth pillow in order to receive a visit from you.  the dollar you would leave me for each tooth was certainly nice and much appreciated, but now i need more. 

i'm really not quite sure where your responsibilities begin and where they end.  i know you are responsible for taking the teeth away to fairyland (very eco-friendly of you to reuse by the way), but are you also responsible for putting the teeth in as well?  If so, listen closely.  i understand you must be busy with the holiday's and such….kids pulling their teeth to try and make an extra buck to buy mom and dad a little something special this year, but i need you!  I need you to put everything else aside and help my baby girl.  she needs her teeth and she needs them like right now.

i know you probably think it's perfect timing to give her her 2 front teeth for christmas, but is there any way we can speed this process up a bit?  her 2 bottom teeth are still in the process of coming in and i'm afraid if this drags on much longer, she will hurt someone, namely ME.  she has already chewed the nub of my finger off, tried to eat a branch from the christmas tree and is close to swallowing her pacifier whole all in the name of relief for her poor swollen, pulsating gums.  she hasn't slept in days and whines so much and at such a high decibel that we now have dogs from around the neighborhood that keep showing up at our door.  

please, i beg of you, what will it take?  i will promise to give every dollar you ever gave me for losing my teeth to charity if you can please provide my baby with her 4 front chompers by christmas day.  that's $20 bucks if i remember correctly.  i will even let the nice people of my blog decide which charity i should give it to.  p.l.e.a.s.e.  i need my daughter back.  the one that coos, and smiles and sleeps and doesn't need to be held 24 hours a day.  

by the way, has anyone ever told you that you are the prettiest fairy of all?  i'm sure you are very smart as well.  i'm digressing aren't i?  anyway, i will leave some of adali's fairy dust as a trail to my room and will leave this letter under my pillow for you to retrieve.  it's probably best to come between 11:30 and 12:00 because that is the only time i am getting any sleep right now.

much love,

a desperate mama a

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  1. oh jamie, i feel your pain (and jack henry literally feels adali’s pain)! across town, we’re needing the tooth fairy to please deliver jack henry’s two bottom one-year molars. top ones have poked through, so i know they aren’t causing this disruption to his sleep anymore…it’s the lumps beneath his bottom gums that are the trouble!

    hope this works. ;) and thanks for your nice comments on my blog today!

  2. Sara T says:

    Jamie – too bad we are so far away – we could meet in the middle of the night for play dates…. er umm… whine sessions. Katie who is going to be 1 on Jan 5 – still only has 2 teeth – the bottom two and i swear she has been working on getting more for the last 2 months straight. The last 10 days have been the worse…. no sleep and also the dog wakening crying! I am there with you – if this whole bribing the tooth fairy thing works – let me know – i am willing to pay her $50 for a good nights sleep!!! Good Luck!

  3. Jenn says:

    Hi Jamie, I’m Oscar’s wife (netsol Oscar). I read your blog regularly and love all the stories and seeing Adali grow. Teething is the worst, no one tells you how long it takes to get one tiny little tooth to grow in. We regularly used the teether feeder with an ice cube in it or frozen mango chunks. It’s a mesh bag that holds the food with a ring at the end for Adali to hold onto, no choking. It was a lifesaver, however don’t put bananas in there, no matter how tempted…cleaning that is awful! I also highly recommend the highlands homeopathic teething gel. I’m so happy both our girls have all of their teeth now! Just wait until 2 yr molars!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hang in there James…they’ll pop out before you know it. Right now those dang teeth are testing you…and YOUR patience. Fortunately for us Addi took teething pretty well and VERY fast. Addi was ALWAYS a restless baby (like her father) so i honestly wouldn’t know if her whinning all night was teething or “RLS” (restless leg syndrom) :)

    Hang in there girls…before you know it you’ll be in our shoes wondering if she’ll need braces or not (thank you JUSTIN!).


    ps if we see the toothfairy we’ll let her know you’re looking for her…although, i would assume Gamaw Donna would see her first though, right…being in the dental profession and all! :)

  5. Natalie Carver says:


    Although I know you are struggling, I would just like to let you know that your Tooth Fairy post (along with the comments that it received) has made me feel so much better about Landen’s teething situation. He has been HORRIBLE for the last few months: not sleeping, crying, biting, tugging at his ears – the whole bit. I honestly was starting to believe I was the worst mother in the world because he ends up in my bed every night crying about his teeth. But now I know I’m not the only mom who has a fussy kid. It’s comforting – I feel the bonds of exhaustion drawing us closer! :)

    Thanks and keep your chin up.

    Natalie Carver – Mom of Landen (9 1/2 months old)

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