friday, december 5

mommy and daddy got me a new high chair.  the last one they got me was too big.  this one…just right.

Picture 366 

now, i'm not trying to say that this will make me eat any better so don't get a bunch of crazy ideas people.  all i'm sayin' is that now i have a higher perspective of the world.

when i do eat mommy has to be eating too or i don't want any part of it.  if i'm gettin' fatter so is she!  oh yeah and i don't use a spoon, i eat my food off of a chip.  it's so cool (and salty) try it. 

daddy asked me to help him put the high chair together since i would be the one using it dropping stuff off of it…pfhhhh, no way.  i'd rather eat the box.

Picture 323   Picture 321

as mommy has said many times, i am a girl on the move.  i haven't figured out how to crawl yet, but rolling around suits me just fine. 

Picture 299  

i swear i'm not guilty!

this is how she found me last night.  the second she leaves the room i roll my way over to the christmas tree. 

Picture 351 


what?  i like the lights!

i tried to get away before she came back in the room but i couldn't roll fast enough.  this crawling you people speak of…will it get me places faster?

love and fairy dust,

Picture 344    

curious george adali grace



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  1. she looks especially cute under the tree!

  2. Sara T says:

    Pssst…. Adali – Don’t show this to your mommy – but take it from me…. Crawling is like 200 times better – it allows you to get into and empty the small trash cans around the house a lot easier – and that is not only FUN – but BONUS – it gets lots of loud noises out of your momma and daddy!
    Good Luck on your plans for Mission – Christmas Tree Destruction 2008 – I am still keeping my plans secret – to the point that I have mommy fooled into thinking I don’t even know that the tree is in the house…. ha ha – she will see one of these days when I finally am able to carry out my little plan……..ha ha ha!
    Stay Warm – KT Thoele

  3. riss -in washington says:

    I cant exactly how i came across your blog, but i always check in to see how your beautiful baby girl is doing. She is absolutely adorable and such a happy baby. I am so happy to see her doing so well. It is amazing! Happy holidays to you and your awesome family!

  4. Michelle says:

    FINALLY! A highchair that you can finally eat comfortabley in…that’s so great! And what a beautiful chair at that. You need to eat though, baby girl. Addi still isn’t much of eater but here lately she’s been telling herself (and anyone who will listen to her) that she “needs to eat so she can grow tall and talk to mommy”…funny girl :) So Adali, per Addi you need to eat so you can grow tall and talk to YOUR mommy!

    This whole crawling thing is pretty much overrated…take it from Addi. She wasn’t much of a crawler either, but i must say i think it’s because we don’t (didn’t) have carpet in our house, kind of like your perdicament. Those hard wood floors are rough on a baby’s knees! Addi crawled only when it was absolutly necissary. I think the sore knees are what got her to start walking at 10 months…maybe you’ll be the same way Ms.Adali!! I’m sure your mom and dad are stocking up on rugs like we did but Keep on Roll’n, little one (Roll’n with my homies)…walking is oh so near.

    Addi says hi and “i lub you baby adali”.


  5. Courtney Wood says:

    As I say everytime I write – Adali is getting more and more beautiful each day. I am so glad to see she is sitting up on her own and rolling around. What an amazingly difficult and beautiful year you two or three have had. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas. If you are going to be in Louisburg, please let me know. I would love to see you. XO

  6. Natalie Carver says:

    Hey Miss Adali,

    Well I told my mommy to send you a happy 9 month birthday greeting yesterday morning but she must have messed up because it’s obviously not on here!

    So here it goes again…

    Happy 9 Month Birthday (yesterday) Adali! I turned nine months old last Thursday, and so far, so good! I hope you love it as much as I do.

    Love, Landen Carver

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