monday, december 15

tonight mommy and i are video conferencing to bring you this message.  you see this is our first night apart.  i know….acollective "awwww" is in order.  technically it's not our first night apart since she spent most nights at home while i was in the nicu but this is our first real time away from each other.  she is in washington dc on business and i am here still hanging in my rsv repelling bubble in the lou.  i told her before she left that she may actually get a good nights sleep tonight.

my lack of sleep means her lack of sleep which is why we haven't talked to you in a few days.  i haven't been able to sleep for 2 reasons.  i still have boundary issues when i sleep.  i need to be swaddled but my current straight jacket swaddle blanket is busting at the seams.  mommy found a new one online and we are all hoping it gets here soon.  the other reason i'm not sleeping very well is this…

Picture 050 



ahhh, relief!

the teeth we thought have been coming in for months have finally broken through.  well, one of them has at least.  the right front tooth came through yesterday.  it's barely poking up and hopefully the next few will come fast so we can all get some rest.

one thing i am doing much better at is this:

Picture 039   

mmmm, nummies.

mommy uses this ditty…

Picture 090

to make me fresh homemade baby food.  she makes me roast with carrots and potatoes, salmon with squash and even fresh fruit.  mmmm, it's all so good.  i'm eating better than i ever have before.  i eat about 2 ounces 3 times a day and i'm still taking about 20-25 ounces of formula a day as well.  that should help me keep gaining weight.  right now i weigh close to 15lbs.  can you believe it, 15lbs?  yeah, so what if some babies weigh that when they are just a few months old, i'm still cute don't ya think?

one thing that hasn't changed through the eating struggles and the sleeping troubles is my luuuuv for the tub.

Picture 016 

speaking of which, i think it's bath time…daaaaaaaaady!

even if i don't let daddy get any sleep tonight, how can he resist this face?…

  Picture 038 

signing out to begin our lonely night,

Picture 402  

me and my mama 

update (5 minutes later) i miss you baby girl…love mama.

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  1. Kalee Smith says:

    I am telling you, she is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

  2. Sara T says:

    Jamie – in the close up of her face in the tub she looks SO much like you!! Hope your trip was good and you got some rest. It is was so hard leaving my baby for the first time, but now that I added another child it makes it a lot easier to say good bye to the chaos for a day or two!! :-)

  3. Amber says:

    Adali is so beautiful! I read her story closely when she was first born. I’m mom to a preemie who has had a lot of health problems. I thought about Adali today and wanted to check in on her. She has gotten soooo big! She’s gorgeous! Merry Christmas, miracle girl. :)

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