monday, december 22

this past weekend bapa and gaga came to visit me from kansas.  lucky for them, i was in a much better mood than the weekend before.  oh yeah, i am supposed to thank the tooth fairy for picking up mama's letter the other night.  she thanks you from the bottom of her heart…whatever that's about. 

on saturday night we had a little christmas celebration.  we made sugar cookies…

Picture 147 

"mom, why are you pouring all of the sprinkles out…i want to eat them!"

we had a fabulous dinner and then decided to open gifts…

Picture 177 

"hurry up already, don't you see all of this delicious paper?"

and when i ripped off the paper of the biggest gift i have ever seen, this is what i found…

Picture 233  

can you believe it?  mama and her friends grew up playing with "my little ponies" and i get to play with a BIG pony.  

i had so much fun this weekend and i miss bapa and gaga already.  

love and fairy dust,

Adali sleeping   

a tuckered out and recovering adali grace

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