monday, december 1

ahhh,it is the month of christmas and i am certainly in the mood.  but before we can move into saint nick and the advent calendar, the turkey needs it's time in the spotlight.  i did not post from thursday until sunday night on purpose.  i took a blogation of sorts.  i wanted to spend the entire weekend relaxing, eating and giving thanks for everything we have been blessed with this year…and we all know that our family has a lot to be thankful for.  we spent the entire weekend in illinois with my family eating this…

Picture 210   

bundled up and cozied around this…

Picture 230    Picture 270

on friday adali woke up early to pick out the best black friday deals…

Picture 168

"mom, i can't decide what i want." 

and on sunday we woke up to this…

Picture 293

"dad, when are you taking me sledding?"

adali got to enjoy her first thanksgiving and first snow all in the same weekend.  she too enjoyed turkey, gravy and all the goodies.  jastin and i feel truly blessed to have the support and love of so many wonderful people.  in the spirit of thanksgiving (a wee bit late) a big thank you to everyone!  all of you have made the journey that much more special for adali and for that, we are forever grateful.

oh yeah…and to the postal workers in massachusetts who decided that you needed adali's formula more than she did…if you believe in god, you will have to answer to him and if you don't…karma is a b****…tis the season.  

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