Driving collage

thursday, december 31 i will tell you like i told mama and daddy…be safe tonight…you never know what kind of crazed lunatics will be on the road.     oh and don't forget to look up…it's a blue moon. love and fairy dust, adali grace 


thursday, december 24 joy to the world, the lord is come!   wishing you a very merry christmas on this very holy night. the antisdels 


wednesday, december 23 we are truly blessed….      

Cookie collage

wednesday, december 23   it's cookie season.  oh, you didn't know that there was an official season of cookies?  yep, there sure is and if you ever want to know when the season begins, all you have to do is look at my derriere.  it's the perfect indicator of when this fabulous season starts. jastin [ Continue Reading ... ]

Baby jesus collage

tuesday, december 22 about a week and a half ago my mom sent me a nativity set that she had been collecting for me over the years.  i was excited because a) it is beautiful and b) adali had taken to one at my parents house over thanksgiving and i knew she would be excited [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, december 21 last week mama and daddy took me to see the big guy himself…like, in living color santa claus (not the cartoon).  get this…he already knew my name!  he really did get my letter!     they weren't kiddin' when they said he was big and jolly.  his "ho, ho, ho's" nearly knocked [ Continue Reading ... ]