Adali10Months 013

thursday, january 29 in just the last week or so adali has gone from being content and proud of herself simply standing up to complete expedition mode.  she insists…no she demands you walk her around the house.  and when you have gone so long your back feels like it will break any second, she wants to move from [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adalli snow

monday, january 26  since my time in the cold, snowy, midwest is limited, mama will be taking me sledding and showing me how to build the ultimate snowman.  i think i can handle this stay at home mom thing she's got goin' on now.  love and fairy dust,


sunday, january 25 update ~ answers to your questions on how to donate below                               on april 25 the a gang will march one step closer to ending premature birth.  for the longest time i fought to supress our experience with prematurity.  to forget.  it hurt too [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, january 23   because of our impending move (june) to the peach state and the fact that i have an adorable daughter that i can't resist and want to nibble on all day long, i made the decision to resign from my job and plan to begin said nibbling right away.  today was officially [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, january 21 remember in my new year's post  when i mentioned that 2009 would bring many new adventures for our family and that i would divulge what those adventures were in due time??  i suppose it's due time. many of you emailed to guess that i was expecting.  all i have to say to that is…you're crazy!  [ Continue Reading ... ]

Picture 093

monday, january 19 i present to you queen adali…   she uses the pieces from her stackable elephant as her crown and her syringe as her wand as she rules over her domain.  she stands high on her throne… yes, the queen is now standing and here is proof.  she stands often (all day long [ Continue Reading ... ]