friday, january 16

** update below

see anything wrong with this picture?  

Picture 027

yes, this is how bubbs has slept the past few nights.  with us…surrounded by those bad things called pillows and under a warm down comforter that could cause the ever-dreaded overheating.  but check it out…no swaddling…and most importantly her eyes are closed.  we did what we said we would never do, allow our child to play us like a fiddle.  but tonight the music stops.  in just a few minutes, she will be placed in her own crib and will remain there until dawn breaks.  i know what some of you are thinking…the cruelty.  maybe i should be put in that bucket of horrible moms who decide to let their children cry it out, but while i'm hanging out in that bucket i will be refreshed from the full nights rest i will soon be getting.

trust me, this won't be easy for me.  remember that i didn't get to sleep anywhere near my daughter for the first 8 weeks of her life, so at times i feel like i'm allowed to make up for lost time.  but, i can't keep going about each day in a sleepy haze.  it's not fair for either one of us.   

and so the tears begin…for both of us. 

sleep tight baby girl,


update ~ dawn has broken and there isn't a sound to be heard in the house…success (with minimal tears) and one refreshed mama!

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  1. Stick it out…it’ll be rough the first few nights! But you’re right…in the end, sleeping all night (peacefully and restfully) is totally worth it!

  2. Chrystal says:

    How did it go?? We tried it again last night. We put him in bed at 9:00…Jay gave him his pacifier at 9:05…I gave it to him again at 9:10…and he was sleeping by 9:12! I’ve decided the music box thingy works because the light is so stinking bright that he HAS to close his eyes! Either way, he’s still sleeping now at 6:23 AM. He’s probably in there plotting his revenge…

    I can’t wait to hear how it went! Hang in there!

  3. Austin Jay says:

    Can you believe they are doing this to us? I know it’s going to be hard for the first few nights but we have to stay strong! We’ll get them back when we leave them crying in the nursing home!

  4. Sara T says:

    Funny Last night Katie slept with us….. something that she has hardly done in her first year of life – but has been recently because of the dreaded teething……… i am very tired! I don’t know how parents sleep with their babies in their bed EVERY NIGHT! (My sister is one of them – 3 kids – 2 parents – 1 queen size bed) – THEY ARE CRAZY!

    Anyway glad she made it through the first night and heres to MANY more restful nights for the both of you!!

    PS – The teething tablets – I think I can start swearing by them – at least for relaxing Kate enough to sleep for a few hours without tossing and turning!

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