wednesday, january 21


remember in my new year's post  when i mentioned that 2009 would bring many new adventures for our family and that i would divulge what those adventures were in due time??  i suppose it's due time. many of you emailed to guess that i was expecting.  all i have to say to that is…you're crazy! 

what i can tell you is that the a gang will soon say goodbye to st. louis and hellooooto georgia.  yep, you heard right, georgia.  did we choose georgia?….no.  i suppose you could say that georgia chose us…the medical college of georgia chose dr. a to be exact.  

last year while baby a was supposed to still be roasting comfortably inside of me, dr. a had scheduled 12 different trips around the country to interview for potential fellowship positions.  the interviews ended up taking place once baby a had made her grand entrance and was safely tucked away in the nicu with me.  in june of last year the news was delivered that  augusta, georgia to be exact.

fun facts about augusta:

  • augusta is located on the savannah riverand is the second oldest and second largest city in georgia

  • the god father of soul, james brown, and the god father of wrastling, hulk hogan, call augusta their hometown

  • an estimated 75% of the world's golf carts are produced each year in augusta

  • the average year round temperature in augusta is 63…god bless

  • augusta is home to the prestigious masters golf tournament each year during the first full week in april

how do we feel about our new adventure? we are looking at it as just that, an adventure.  i am certainly sad that i am saying goodbye to a job that i love (on friday to be exact but more on that in  a later post) a city that i have grown to fall in love with and the convenience of having our families close to us.  on the flip side i am very excited and proud that dr. a will get to train under one of the best and that i have the opportunity to spend the next year exploring the south with baby a.  oh yeah and one more thing i'm excited about…getting to play lots and lots of golf over the next few summers with dr. a….i can almost beat him ya know?!

so if any one of you out there calls georgia your home, or better yet calls augusta your home, let me know.  i would love to pick your southern brain.

oh yeah and how does adali feel about this…

Picture 058

 she's head over heels…she likes peaches…


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  1. loved that last picture of adali…isn’t it great to have your camera handy? and your comment was cute, too!

    best of luck in georgia! of course, i’ll continue to watch adali grow and change on your blog!

  2. Jayme says:

    How fun for you! Maybe her first words will have a cute Southern drawl!

  3. Sandy F says:

    Congrats! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity…..and most importantly at this time of a year ALOT WARMER!!!

  4. The cat is out – congratulations! Leaving family and friends and a job you love is very familiar to me, but this is just that – an adventure. I wish you the best of luck! Welcome (almost!) to warmer temps!

  5. Adali, I had to write this comment because my mom is too sad to talk about you leaving. Maybe we’ll visit you in Georgia. My parents are tight and always up for a cheap vaca! Love, Austin

  6. Erin Geary says:

    As a Georgia Peach, I have to write and tell Adali how HAPPY I am that she will spend some time in my home state! Shopping at Lenox, tea at the Ritz, shows at the Fox…Atlanta trips will be perfect for such a princess. Good luck, and maybe our paths will cross in Central Georgia sometime before you leave…contract at the attorney for 2010 ;-)


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