thursday, january 29

in just the last week or so adali has gone from being content and proud of herself simply standing up to complete expedition mode.  she insists…no she demands you walk her around the house.  and when you have gone so long your back feels like it will break any second, she wants to move from piece of furniture to piece of furniture and she wants to do it all. by. herself.

  Adali10Months 013

there are times she thinks she can walk like a 10 year old instead of a 10 month old which promptly leads to a faceplant and of course a shriek of terror and a few tears.

Adali10Months 045 (2) 

with six flights of stairs (yes you heard right) in our humble abode, dr. a and i are just hoping her independent walking expeditions start after we manage to sell this gem we call home.  any takers?

until tomorrow,

mama a

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  1. Good Luck with that – once they are off there is really no turning back! Better invest in 6 gates!! :-)
    Katie is sitting on my lap — sick AGAIN — saw Adali’s pictures and started laughing!! She likes her already and they have never even met! :-)
    Take care and make sure Dr A treats you to a back massage and soon!!

  2. Natalie Carver says:


    It may not be worth the investment because Adali will probably be walking on her own soon but you may looking into buying some “Walking Wings” to help her around the house with. I didn’t use them with Mr. Landen but I’ve heard rave reviews from other moms about not having to kill their backs all day long while helping teach baby to walk.

    I know you can get them at, not sure where else. Hope that helps…

    Natalie Carver

  3. Chrystal says:

    We should start calling you Sacagawea Grace!

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