monday, january 19

i present to you queen adali…

Picture 093 

she uses the pieces from her stackable elephant as her crown and her syringe as her wand as she rules over her domain.  she stands high on her throne…

Picture 043

yes, the queen is now standing and here is proof.  she stands often (all day long if you let he) and high…oh does she stand high.  straight from the pediatricians mouth she now stands exactly 26.5 inches tall which, my friends, is now on.the.charts!!!  can you believe it?!?!  she is in the 10th percentile for height for her actual age as of last friday.  she also weighs 15 pounds 5ish ounces.  that is what i'm talkin' about!  something tells me the scale at our last rsv visit was a wee bit off.  although she is not yet on the charts for weight i can take solace that my baby is growing up to be just like cindy crawford, tall and skinny.

many have emailed concerning the details of our weekend of crying it out to get adali to sleep in her own crib.  honestly, it could not have gone any smoother.  the first night there were about 15 minutes of tears before she fell asleep.  she woke up once but put her self back to sleep pretty quickly.  the next night there were less than 10 minutes of tears and once again she woke up once but put herself back to sleep.  last night, no tears and she slept completely through the night.  i forgot what it was like to get a decent nights sleep.  i must say, i enjoy itand i certainly enjoy queen adali more for it.  

speaking of which, the queen is stirring from her mid morning slumber and needs attending to…

Picture 077  

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  1. Sara T says:

    YEAH!!! Congratulations on making the charts!!!

  2. Liv C. says:

    Congratulations Adali! Teagan is still rocking the tall skinny stature too. At our doctors visit they predicted she will be approximately 5’11″. Look out Cindy Crawford. A new generation is coming!

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