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update ~ answers to your questions on how to donate below

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on april 25 the a gang will march one step closer to ending premature birth. 

for the longest time i fought to supress our experience with prematurity.  to forget.  it hurt too bad to remember and i thought pushing it down deeper would eventually make it go away. i learned.  it did nothing.  i now embrace it.  the good, the bad and the down right ugly.  today, i not only remember, i will be telling.  i will share with anyone who will listen.  people need to hear that 1 in 8 babies are born prematurely…that adali fought hard to survive but there are many more that lost their fight.  it cannot continue.

the march of dimes has worked tirelessly to end prematurity altogether, but until that day comes, they continue to invest in medical advancements to help provide life saving care to babies who are born early.  it was a grant provided by the march of dimes that led to the development of surfactant therapy which drastically cut down on the number of babies that died from respiratory distress.  adali was one of those babies. 

yes, i know she is cute, and i know we put a lot of power in the bows that she wore, but truth be told it was the amazing medical care she received while in the nicu coupled with the advancements in neonatology care and research which is funded by the march of dimes.

so, on april 25, our family will be taking part in our first march for babies.  now that i am no longer working, i will be pouring my time into the march and raising money to make sure the research can continue.  i promise not to beg for the change out of your couch cushions, but if you would like to join me in this fight, you can find my little button there to your left.  yes, that is adali on her second day of life.  all 1 pound 15 ounces and 13 inches of her.  oh yeah, and if you would like to meet her in person, come out and walk with us. i promise to make it a beautiful day. 

mama a

some questions have come up on how exactly to give.

If you would like to sponsor our walk (thank you every little bit helps), you can donate by credit/debit card by paypal and even by cash or check by clicking on the button to your left.  This is a good option for those that will not be able to make the walk with us on april 25.

If you would like to join our team once you click on the button to your left you will then click "walk with me."  from there you can begin to collect your own donations that will go toward our team goal of $2500.  if you would like to walk but do not want to collect your own donations simply click "walk with me" and set your goal as the amount you yourself are going to donate.  then, donate to yourself and show up to walk with us.  if you would like to walk with us and are unable to donate yourself you can again click on "walk with me" and set an amount you wil collect from others.

i am working on designing t-shirts to provide to all those who come out and support us on april 25.  in the next few weeks i will post a few ideas for all of you to vote on.

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