friday, january 23


because of our impending move (june) to the peach state and the fact that i have an adorable daughter that i can't resist and want to nibble on all day long, i made the decision to resign from my job and plan to begin said nibbling right away. 

today was officially my final day with a company that i have spent the last 4+ years with.  is it wrong of me to want reassurance that i have made the right decision?  at this point, i'm not even sure who i am looking for reassurance from, i am just craving it.  

of course i am beyond excited to spend the upcoming days wooing adali into thinking that i am indeed the greatest mother she has ever known, but will i get the same challenge from it?  what am i defined by now?  am i going to lose my mind while we are confined to the house trying to avoid nasty germs?  these are all questions that swirled through my head as i drove home from work for the last time with tears rolling down my face.

well, when one door closes you must open another one right?  i will take this opportunity to devote my time to something that will hopefully help others.  i have some ideas and promise to share them once i figure out the logistics.  

(excuse me.)  funny how things work.  mid post, adali woke up from her feeding slumber, whipped her head my way and gave the biggest grin ever. 

i guess this all the reassurance i need.


this is goodnight not goodbye.    


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  1. Jamie, you’re going to be great at being a full-time mom! It’s full of challenges that an outside job doesn’t bring, but rewarding and fun (and at least for us, it brought a whole lotta peace to the house since I wasn’t so crazy busy all the time).

    Good luck!

  2. Natalie Carver (and Landen) says:


    This is Natalie from Louisburg – I’m friends with Micala and Sari and used to work at the studio with Kia and Sana. I just wanted to respond to your post about needing reassurance as a newly full-time stay-at-home mom.

    Since Landen was born last March (four days before Adali), I’ve been home with him every second except on nights when I was in college. I just want you to know that it’s okay to feel “undefined” in a way – I had always worked too and it was a struggle for me at times to get used to just being home. But I can honestly tell you I’ve grown to really love and cherish my role as Landen’s mommy, chef, fashion consultant, boo boo healer, co-explorer of the canned food cabinet, teacher, and number one fan.

    Even as I approach graduation from KU (go Jayhawks!) this May and explore the thought of graduate school, I find myself envisioning being home with my baby boy. So, I may end up being the only stay-at-home mom in Miami County with a Masters in Developmental Psychology, but I am okay with it and actually find the idea wonderfully comforting! I know you will soon get to that point as well.

    Adali is lucky to have such a great (and ambitious) mom.

    Natalie Carver

    P.S. From Landen: Adali, I have the same Elephant stacker you have and I am constantly donning the crown of “King Bubba” and waving my golf club at the lowly peasants (my mom and dad)!! Also, I think you look very pretty with teeth – maybe sometime when you’re in Kansas, I could take you out for a steak!

  3. Liv C. says:

    I so admire you. It is the hardest thing in the world to take that step into the unknown. I personally find myself stuck in this limbo, because I just can’t do it yet. I want to so badly, but I just can’t. Enjoy your Adali, and every moment with her. Good Luck and God Bless.

  4. Auden Geary says:

    Dear Adali,

    Please tell you Mama good luck with her new job as a SAHM. She will love all the cuddling time with you! What fun you will have in the Spring when you get can get out in Forest Park and enjoy being outside again!

    Auden Geary

    PS–Tell your Mommy she is VERY smart to keep you inside in your “bubble.” My Mama didn’t, and I just spent a few days in your old home (Cardinal Glennon) with the dreaded RSV. No fun.

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