Adali window

friday, february 27 mama and i decided that we needed a change of scenery, so we packed our bags and left the city for some time in the country… where i have been riding my tractor naked allll week.  such fun.  such fun. love and fairy dust, miss adali grace

Adali raybans3

wednesday, february 25 the need for speed." "tower, this is ghost rider requesting a fly by." everyone needs a pair of aviators just like us cool cats.  the question is who wears them better; me, maverick, or my papa (aka the silver fox)? the silver fox has been wearing them since the beginning of time [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adali feeding4

wednesday, february 18 ohh the neverending feeding issues with adali.  for as long as i can remember, we have had to give adali her bottle after she has fallen asleep.  they call it sleep eating.  you often times have to do it with preemies in the middle of the night to get a bit of [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adali walk

tuesday, february 17 setting the scene:  it's mostly sunny out, about 60 degrees with a moderate southerly breeze.  to take advantage of the nice day, adali and i decide to take get out and go for a walk around the neighborhood.  we head out at a leisurely pace passing restaurants that smell like roasted garlic [ Continue Reading ... ]


saturday, february 14 happy valentine's day! love and fairy dust, your very special valentine

Adali doctor4

friday, february 13 we didn't mean to be gone this long, it's just that we've been at the doctor since we last spoke.  ok, not really but it certainly felt like days being camped out at cardinal glennon for adali's eye appointment and nicu followup appointment.  we got there at 1 and left at 5. [ Continue Reading ... ]