monday, february 2

adali isn't talking.  she apparently wants her recent tricks to remain "magic" to us.  one night last week while engrossed in the educational show known as american idol (sad i know), i noticed that adali was…dare say…quiet.  i looked down where she had been playing and saw this…


what the h.e.double hockey sticks?  where is my baby, and how did her shoes and pants manage to escape her ever bulging (she's getting huge people) mid section?  i looked to my left and found this…


i guess some things are better left unsolved.  she must have thought that no pants equals better pulling up and walking ability.

Pantless collage 

but seriously….how in the world?!?!   

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  1. American Idol is educational! It’s taught my boys lots of words we don’t say and ways NOT to act when you’re disappointed.

    But Adali – so funny!

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