wednesday, february 25

the need for speed."

Adali raybans3
"tower, this is ghost rider requesting a fly by."
everyone needs a pair of aviators just like us cool cats.  the question is who wears them better; me, maverick, or my papa (aka the silver fox)?
Ray ban collage
the silver fox has been wearing them since the beginning of time longer than any of us, so i guess that makes him the coolest cat of all.

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace (future fighter pilot)

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  1. Sara T says:

    ADORABLE! Love the pictures (and the movie!)
    (ps – is there a stuffed toy stuffed in the back of her shirt – and we have that phone (in the background) – cute toy – but annoying at times!) :-)

  2. Jamie says:


    there actually is a stuffed animal in her shirt. i completely forgot about that when i posted the picture. and yes, the phone can be annoying because when you walk away from it it still talks but she LOVES it.

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