monday, february 9

Adali in grass 

no, i won't be taking off my clothes, but i will be enjoying the warmth by taking daily walks and playing in the grass (even though it is still dead). 

so peeps, the reason i write you today is to tell you that you can now call me that bebe that is 11 months old.  for real…i wouldn't lie to you about something…well…something so cool.  i can tell you that i now stand taller than 26.5 inches tall.  i can't say how tall exactly but i was 26.5 inches at my 10 month check up and i've grown since then.  as of last wednesday, i weighed 16 lbs and 9 oz.  which is more than a 1.5 lb gain since the month prior.  unheard of.  it's cause mom has me on he high calorie diet; yogurt, tuna salad, avocado, mac and cheese and pudding (i know, chalked full of sugar but 1 container has 120 calories and she can polish an entire container off in a matter of minutes).

i do a few cool new tricks too.  i still don't crawl, but who cares when you can scoot on your butt to wherever you want to go.  i talk (ya know like dadadadababababacockadoodledoo) all day long.  i motion come when i want mama or i want more of something.  i slam my fingers in any drawer i can get them in to.  i drop all of my food over the high chair to lexi.  i am obsessed with picking my daddy's nose.  i kiss mama when she asks and oh yeah i'm good at pulling the leaves off of all of the house plants no matter how many times mama tells me "no."  

so, that about does it for my 11 month update.  tomorrow i have an eye appointment and a nicu follow-up.  so basically mama and i will be camped out at cardinal glennon all day.  if your in the neighborhood, duck if you hear gun shots stop by.

if you're reading this…quit right now and go out and enjoy the beautiful day.  i promise it will be here when you get back.

love and fairy dust,

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