friday, february 6

we have hit another major milestoneand one i was determined to to accomplish as soon as possible now that i spend my days with adali.  she not only sleeps at night in her own crib she now naps in her crib as well. it is such a beautiful sight.

Nap time 

now that i have endless time to do what i please a few hours to myself during the day, i plan to get back into yoga and pilates. 


any yoga instructor would be absolutely mortified that i cannot even touch my toes.  i am sad too.  i mean, for the love, i was a gymnast for 13 years of my life.  i have only spent 3 more years of my life not as a gymnast than i had as a gymnast.  i was scary flexible.  now, i am stiff…and not the young sprout i once was.  my body can't do what was asked of it back then.  but i know what yoga and pilates can do for your body.  i partook in both every morning a few (ok maybe like 5) years ago.  i'm not expecting miracles, i'm just asking that i look like someone else that does yoga and pilates…let's say, hmmmmm, jennifer aniston.  

much love,

mama a      

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  1. Sara T says:

    Congratulations on getting her into the crib for naps!!!
    I was never in shape to begin with – but it is even worse now!! I would think chasing your kids around would keep you in shape -but somehow it doesn’t – how is that fair?? :-)
    Good Luck with the yoga!

  2. Ashley french says:

    This is funny I love doing yoga and here’s the fact I actually love Jennifer aniston. I was I gymnast when I was 2,3,4,and 5 stop at 6 because I got really sick just like when I was two I took this medicine called zicthomask don’t know how to spell it but ya I was really sick and my dr said I could do gym I was very disappointed. But now I do yoga and I love it

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