tuesday, february 17

Adali walk
setting the scene:  it's mostly sunny out, about 60 degrees with a moderate southerly breeze.  to take advantage of the nice day, adali and i decide to take get out and go for a walk around the neighborhood.  we head out at a leisurely pace passing restaurants that smell like roasted garlic a little cafe that smells of brewing coffee.  i suppose it's decaf being that it's late afternoon.  we enjoy passing others that have made the same decision to enjoy the warmth and wonder what their story is.  where do they live?  where do they work?  did they take a vacation day to enjoy the rays?  
about half way through our walk we come across a middle aged man standing on a porch with a young boy.  it becomes obvious they are welcoming home mom.  she neatly gets out of her jaguar and gives an excited hello to the young boy who is being told by his father that he needs to stay on the sidewalk.  he doesn't listen and runs to give his mom a hug.  as we draw closer we catch the ladies attention.  she immediately comes over for a look and the following conversation ensues.
lady:  oh how precious!  how are you sweet girl?  looking up at me, how old is she?
me:  11 months (with my proud mama smile)
lady:  where do her parents live?
me:  uhhhh, over there on sidney street.
lady:  well she is certainly a beautiful baby and a happy one at that.
me:  yes she certainly is.
lady:  have you been her nanny since she was born?
me:  uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, i sure have.
lady:  (talking to adali) well you certainly are lucky to have someone watching you that cares so much for you baby girl.  (talking to me) you must love your job.
me:  i sure do.  
i do not kid.  truth be told i do sometimes have a hard time grasping that i am truly a mother but this nanny is not for hire.

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  1. ha!

    you know, it’s probably just b/c you look too young to be her mother, right? :)

  2. Sonya says:

    Hey Jaime! It’s Sonya from Effingham! I’ve caught up on your blog since Nicole posted the link. I have to say this story is hilarious! What a great nanny you are :-)

  3. Jamie says:

    hey sonya! thanks for commenting. i can’t wait to check out your blog!

    nicole, the entire way home on our walk, i kept dreaming up 1000 different reasons why she could possibly think i was the nanny. you know there was someone that commented that i looked like a young mom while i was pregnant. i attributed that to the teenage acne that had taken over my face though. who knows what she was thinking while assuming i was the nanny. jastin told me i should have asked if the little boy was her grandson.

  4. Sonya says:

    OK, I just did another comment on another post and, again, said I was Sonya from Effingham b/c I didn’t think this comment worked. Dork. Anyway, just felt the need to explain :-)

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