friday, february 13

Adali doctor4

we didn't mean to be gone this long, it's just that we've been at the doctor since we last spoke.  ok, not really but it certainly felt like days being camped out at cardinal glennon for adali's eye appointment and nicu followup appointment.  we got there at 1 and left at 5.  4 hours to see 2 physicians and a physical therapist!  of that 4 hours we spent maybe a total of 30 minutes speaking to said professionals.  the entire day was so poorly planned.  i was so frustrated.  please explain to me how much sense it makes to dilate a baby's eyes and then send her down to "play" with the physical therapist.  "uhhh maam, i don't think she is sticking her finger in the hole you want her to, because well, she can't see the hole you are talking about because she just got poison dropped in her eyes her eyes dilated."  

the good thing about having to wait so long is that adali doesn't see people very much since we are confined to the germ scanty house, so she certainly entertained herself and everyone else in the waiting rooms while we were there.

the physical therapist and the neonatologist told us that she is basically a rock star.  again, they only compare her developmentally to her adjusted age of 8 months but the physical therapist said that she is well within normal function of an 11 month old.  the only thing that adali can't do that she wanted to see was clap.  and last time i checked that isn't required on any college application.  

adali was seen by several eye doctor's because i was concerned that she had a deviation of her left eye.  it seems to always be in closer to her nose than her right eye.  i seriously thought we would walk out of there with a patch on her right eye to strengthen her left.  however, we got some good news in that she does not have a deviation at all.  one of the first things dr. davitt asked was if i had ever gotten red eye when i took a picture of her.  of course i have.  did she have red eye on one eye or both?  both.
Adali red eye
well, that's the easiest way to tell she doesn't have a deviation.  if one eye is red and one isn't, you should be suspicious of deviation and get it checked out.  if both eyes are red, she has two strong eyes.  who knew medicine was so easy!  so in many of her pictures it looks as though she does have an eye that goes in farther but what is causing it is simply an extra piece of skin in the corner of her eye and she will grow into it soon.  easy peasy!

many of the medical personnel that had grown to know and love adali during her stay in the nicu at cardinal glennon saw her name on the books and came out into the waiting room to see her.  everyone was amazed with how fabulously cute she is, how well she is doing, and how ornery she is.  i guess none of these get you in to see the doctor any sooner!  


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  1. Great News! Love your outfit Adali, too cute!

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