Adali 3.30

monday, march 30 i have dreamt of the day adali would be thriving like she is.  a happy healthy little girl who loves life as much as her parents.  now that we are here, now that i feel like i can breathe and enjoy without so much worry, i am so sad.  i can't stop [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adali dryer

thursday, march 26 somebody save me.  i've already done all the laundry, now mama's got me scrubbing the house with a toothbrush!   love and fairy dust, adali grace 

Adali flowers

tuesday, march 24 you know it's time to post when your family tells you they are waiting for a new one and they have seen adali every day for the past week and a half.  so almost three weeks after her birthday, i am giving adali's 12 month stats.   we had appointments with both [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, march 18 so, our house officially went on the market on friday.  we have been working hard the past few weeks to do some touch ups and stage the house.  and now that the house is staged, it's completely unlivable.  everything in it's perfect little place, nothing on the counters, no pictures showing, no [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, march 16 i am now facebooking (is that a word?) but am seriously having second thoughts about it.  truth is i have had an actual account for a long time.  they make you be sign up to search people and well i must have been nosey one day and signed up.  i even responded [ Continue Reading ... ]

Adali 7 months-009

sunday, march 15 i have never showed these pictures from adali's seven month photo shoot with jastin's mom and sister and i thought now was a good time (aka it's an easy post for me to do at 10:00pm on a sunday night).