monday, march 16

i am now facebooking (is that a word?) but am seriously having second thoughts about it.  truth is i have had an actual account for a long time.  they make you be sign up to search people and well i must have been nosey one day and signed up.  i even responded to a message last july but have absolutely no recollection of doing it.  honestly, am i cool enough for facebook?  my 8 ball just told me "doubtful."  as of right now i have 51 friends.  most people have hundreds…i don't think i know that many people.  i'm still trying to figure out if getting "poked" is a good thing or a bad thing and do people really want to hear what my status is?  i have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog (for instance i haven't even shared adali's 12 month stats yet) how am i going to keep up with facebook?  for some people facebook is like crack (yes lindsey i'm talking about you).   
despite my insecurities i am giving it a trial run.  it is exciting when someone wants to add you as a friend…kinda like getting picked first on the playground.  i even got excited when my husband wanted to be my friend.  i can finally sleep at night knowing we're friends honey.  
so, if you are on crackbook look me up .  you can even add me if you want…i swear i'm a low maintenance friend.  i only expect cookies on my doorstep once a month.  
much love,
mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Too Funny – Kortte and I just had this converstation yesterday – regarding feeling cool when we get friend requests – Nat compared it to getting suckers at Valentines in high school! ;-)

    (I don’t have that many friends either – i just like to use face book to look at people’s pictures – i am a picture person!)

  2. Maggie says:

    Ho ho! I thought I felt the earth’s axis pitch and roll a bit the other day ….

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