wednesday, march 11

i had a fabulous birthday thank you very much!  mama and daddy put up balloons and a sign for me.

it was a beautiful day so we taped wishes on the balloons and let the wind take them where they may.
mama helped me open all of my birthday gifts.  bapa and gaga surprised me with a rocking chair.  it's not just any old rocking chair either.  it's my daddy's rocking chair from when he was my age.  i thought it was so special that i just had to climb in with my brand new baby doll and rock away.
then i got ornery and did what daddy used to do in it.  it's way more fun to stand in it (the wrong way) and rock while watching yourself in the mirror.
Adali bday2  
then i got to blow out my candle…ok, ok…mama blew it out for me but not before i made a wish.  nope can't tell you or it won't come true.  
then it was time to dig in…

i didn't really like my hands getting dirty but i did manage to get some of my cake in my mouth…delicious!

thank you all very much for my birthday wishes.  you made it even more special.  like mama said, it truly was a magical day.    

love and fairy dust,

the toddler

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  1. Vicky says:

    Happy Birthday from one pisces to another!!

  2. Sandy F says:

    Isn’t it crazy realizing that you have a toddler now?!?!?! Looks like she had a great day!!!

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