tuesday, march 24

Adali flowers

you know it's time to post when your family tells you they are waiting for a new one and they have seen adali every day for the past week and a half.  so almost three weeks after her birthday, i am giving adali's 12 month stats.  

we had appointments with both the pediatric gi and our pediatrician the day after adali's birthday.  it's not a trip to the doctor without me ending up in tears at some point.  needless to say i'm pretty hard on myself from time to time and it always seems to come out around her doctors.  when they see our name on the books they probably think, "grrreat, get the kleenex out"  even though tears were shed, both had nothing but great things to say about adali.  our appointment with the pediatric gi was to hopefully ween adali off of her reflux medication but we decided to wait until she was fully transitioned to cow's milk before we changed anything else.  we will return in the next few months and start the ween.  adali got her 12 month vaccinations during our visit to the pediatrician so all you vaccine haters can feel free to hang me in the comments section again for doing what i can to protect my baby from deadly diseases.  

despite our best efforts, adali did not make it on the chart for weight by her first birthday.  i think she will be 2 before we can face her forward in her car seat.    

weight:  16 lbs 11 ounces
height:  27 3/4 inches (this is in the 25% which i am very happy about)

other fun 12 month tidbits:

** she hopefully had our final rsv shots at the beginning of march.  i will be calling the pediatricians office this week to see if they are still seeing cases of rsv.  if they are we will get one more at the beginning of april.  if not, we are finished.  hip hip hooray.  technically rsv season doesn't end in our area until the middle of may but if you think i'm keeping adali in the house until then you are CRAZY.  to play it safe, we are continuing the same precautions through the middle of april.  then it's game on.  adali has her easter dress and she WILL be attending easter mass.  i'm SO excited!

** she has 6 teeth.  the top 2 were tough ones for her but the other 2 weren't so bad.  hopefully the remaining 14 come in as easy as the last 2.

** she has a wide variety of noises she makes.  all of her animal noises sound like the roar of a lion.  i need to get this on video because it's hilarious.  

** she loves to flip, roll and spin.  is think we are doomed to have another gymnast in the family.

** she loves to stick her tongue out.

Adali tongue

** she MUST be standing in her high chair before she will eat anything.  annoying…oh yeah and dangerous.  

** she giggles with excitement when she swings at the park and likes to play outside eat dirt, leaves and rocks when we are outside.

Adali swing

  • Adali outside
** she is SO ornery.  take yesterday for example, in a matter of a few hours she managed to rip cookie monster and big bird out of her pop up book, bite cookie monsters head off only to have me find it 2 hours later glued to the roof of her mouth.  upon me trying to retrieve it she bit down on my finger as hard as she could.  i guess she planned on saving it for one of those days i decided not to feed her.  she also managed to move the chair blocking the stairs so she could climb down them head first to retrieve a dish towel she had thrown down them.  when i found her she had made it to the fourth stair and looked at me like i was crazy when i yelled "no, no."   and after she decided it was ok to go down them she later thought it was just as ok to go up them.

Adali stairs 

** she got her first black eye last week and sill has it today.

** she still has absolutely no clue how to use a sippy cup.  we have tried every cup they make and still not one sip.  i think we will be bottle feeding (while sleeping) until she figured out a real cup.  ugh!   

** she is walking….with her walker wagon.

** and the best for last…she apparently loves easy cheese as i walked into the living room today to find my brother squirting it directly in her mouth.  niiice uncle charlie.

much love,

mama a


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  1. Sara T says:

    I won’t lie…. I too have been wondering where the posts have been! :-)
    I love how proud she looks when she takes off walking to you with her wagon! This is an exciting age!
    Congratulations on the break out come Easter Weekend!!
    (BTW – she still has more teeth then Kate…. we only have 5)

  2. Sandy F says:

    Easy Cheese…..That’s nothing…..Just wait until Aunts and Uncles teach her to say something she shouldn’t say…..That sticks around longer than Easy Cheese :) I have 2 boys….I can’t wait to see the Easter dress! LOL!

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