monday, march 2

Exp date
does anyone else live their life through expiration dates rather than by a calendar?  i seriously can't be the only one.  i love to look at the date on something as i pull it out of the refrigerator (even if i have looked at the same date the 5 days prior) and think of what will be going on on that date.  example:  "by the time this milk spoils it will no longer be winter or by the time this carton of chocolate chip cookies that is chalked full of preservatives expires adali will be 4."  well, my date tracking tells me that soon i will no longer have a "baby" by definition.  by soon, i mean in less than a week.  
for that reason and because this blog was not born until after adali was, there are some things i want to get down for posterity's sake.  i'm not sure i will have the patience to do it all in one post as a lot of this is being drug back up from the depths of my memory for the first time since it happened so bear with me as i take the next few days to purge it all out.
here it goes…
**  the sunday before adali was born (she was born on a saturday) everything started to feel different.  i told jastin that evening that i didn't feel the baby moving as much.  up until that day, she was a very fiesty girl who kicked A LOT and always had the hiccups.  i got on the ole' internet (the devil when you are pregnant) and through many articles convinced myself that it was "normal" for the baby to have periods of less activity.  i went to bed and life went on as usual.   
**  on monday afternoon my feet started to swell, swell, swell.  everyone knows somebody that had to deal with water gain during pregnancy, so i just thought i would be one of those women.  i started to watch my salt intake and life went on as usual. 
**  on tuesday night i showed jastin the swelling in my feet that seemed to have gotten a bit worse but nothing drastic.  he told me to go upstairs, lay down and prop them up and we would watch american idol together.  the man knows the way to my heart.  during american idol, i kept seeing stars and not the carrie underwood variety.  i figured it was the headache i had from work, took 2 advil and life went on as usual.

**  on wednesday st. louis woke up to 10 inches of snow.  i already felt like i was walking in cement from the swelling but the snow made it feel like having cinder blocks tied to my feet as i walked through cement.  i felt so tired on wednesday and couldn't wait to get home from work.  jastin wasn't home much on tuesday or wednesday night because of hospital stuff so i called my mom to chat when i got home so i wouldn't feel so lonely in the house.  i told her about the swelling i was having and the headache that just wouldn't go away.  she seemed concerned and asked why i hadn't called the doctor.  i didn't want to be "the pregnant lady" that called every day overreacting about every pain i was having.  i told her if i still felt out of whack the next day that i would call.  i hung up the phone and life went on as usual.

**  when my alarm went off on thursday morning it took me a second to gather my senses enough to even remember where i was or what day it was.  it was hard for me to open my eyes…literally.  i walked to the bathroom and looked through the little slits of my puffed eyelids and couldn't believe what was staring back at me.  the stay-puff marshmallow man had broken into our house overnight and taken over my body.  as i was getting ready for work my vision started to get really fuzzy.  i figured i should call the doctor just to be sure but first i needed to eat.  i was starving.  i had my daily pregnancy breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese and a glass of orange juice, checked my email and called the nurse.  after explaining my week of oddities she hastily informed me that the doctor needed to see me right away.  "can you get ahold of your husband to drive you, you should not be driving."  i caught jastin as he was scrubbing in to the operating room.  i explained the situation to which he replied, "you seriously can't drive?"  my reply through a shaky voice, "that is what she said i swear, PLEASE just come get me."  "ok, ok i'm on my way now."  i went downstairs and waited in the living room.  jastin opened the door, looked me up and down and said, "what the h.e. double hockey sticks happened to you (remember, he hadn't seen me in a few days).  i didn't think i looked that bad now that i had a bit of make-up on.  so what if i had to take the shoe laces out of my shoes in order to get them on.  

stay tuned for the next episode….

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  1. Melissa says:

    Expiration dates? Right there with you. Awaiting the continuation of the days leading to Adali’s debut…

  2. Chelle & Addi says:

    Oh Man! We sure do LOVE story time!! Keeping us hanging though…not cool, but it does make us want to come back for more :)

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