wednesday, march 4

**  beep, beep, beep, beep.  that's me backing up to wednesday morning when i went and had my glucose test done before work.  even though it was a struggle to get the sugary orange drink down and more importantly keep it down it really wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be….until the lab tech started to take the blood she needed.  i don't mind needles at all and try to give blood every few months but the tech ended up sticking and re-sticking every vein i had.  the issue was that my blood would start to flow into the tubes and then all of a sudden stop for no reason.  "your blood is like syrup."  this was a huge red flag to what was going on inside my body.  she would poke and prod to try and get it restarted but nothing would come so she would move to the other arm, then my hand, then my other hand.  i was the tech's biggest supporter to poke to her little hearts content until she got the precious red liquid out of my body because i did NOT want to come back and start the whole process over again.  she finally got what she needed and i left looking like a junkie.  and life went on as usual.        

**  after jastin wondered at my amazingly puffed physique on thursday morning, we made our way to dr. p's office and proceeded to peruse travel magazines in the waiting room in order to plan one final hiatus before our bundle of joy arrived.  "arizona might be nice."  "ohhh what about wine country."  we were called back where the customary steps of weight, blood pressure and urine sample were all taken.  weight came first.  a gain of 14 pounds in 1 week.  i didn't need a scale to tell me that.  the nurse looked baffled.  "look at my tree trunks legs.  you can't tell my thighs from my ankles, that's 14 pounds right there i promise."  next came the dreaded urine sample.  i did my deed and placed the prize on the counter that says "urine here."  ewww.  the nurse took me into the room took my blood pressure and said the doc would be in to see me shortly.  doc comes in and without hesitation says, "your blood pressure is high.  really high.  and you are spilling proteins into your urine."  me head responds (thankfully my mouth didn't), "doc, can't be.  i'm not crazy about protein so there's no way i would have spilled it into my tinkle cup."  in all seriousness i knew nothing about preeclampsia, the symptoms or the risks.  neither did jastin.  he only deals with stuff from the head up so he was as clueless as i was.  dr. p mentioned that all my oddities were text book symptoms and that he needed to send me down to labor and delivery for observation.  we asked some questions, got vague answers and headed down a few floors.  

after mounds of paperwork had been completed i was dressed in a sweet little number and hooked up to a fetal monitor and labs were drawn.  a kind nurse came in to get medical history and asked questions about our birthing plan.  "ummmm, i was saving that chapter in my book until we got a little closer.  we don't have a plan yet."  she chuckled.  we made it through the questions and waited for the labs to come back to see what the next step was.  

the baby's heart rate was good  and since i could hear her ticking away inside of me jastin and i made the most of our unexpected time together.  we laughed, told stories, watched hgtv and ohhh how i was dreaming of the perfect lunch i was going to have once we were released….pf changs lettuce wraps and a slice of the great wall of china chocolate cake please.  i was starving again. jastin asked "should we call our parents and tell them you are here?"  "why?  we can call them once the labs are back.  no need to worry them if nothing is wrong."  then, the nice nurse came back with the results.  "you have preeclampsia and your liver enzymes are elevated."  "we are going to let dr. p know that we are admitting you and go from there."  "what?"  "you mean i'm spending the night?"  the nurse delicately explained that i was very sick and that if i would have waited any longer it could have been an entirely different outcome altogether for both me and the baby.  it became very evident that i  would be spending more than one night.  a few more questions were asked and a few more vague answers were given but once everyone had left the room jastin began to look up scenarios on his phone.  he knew things weren't good but danced around explanations to my questions and finally conceded that i was not leaving the hospital without our daughter.  after a very long hug and even a few tears, it was time to call our parents.  life was not going to go on as usual.          

stay tuned for the season finale…  

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  1. Sara T says:

    Lovin the “story” posts you have going on here. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s edition!!

  2. i just can’t imagine how scary it was to go through all of this!

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