Adali bubbles 

i have answers part 1 seemed to accomplish what it was supposed to back in november of last year, so since i have received more questions, most of which i have outright neglected to answer (because i can be lousy at this whole blogging thing, remember), i thought it might be time to take another stab at it.  
1)  have you sold your house yet?  no…moving on.
2) when do you move to georgia? we move at the end of june whether the house is sold or not.
3) how long will you be in georgia?  dr a's fellowship starts july 1, 2009 and ends june 30, 2010.  the question that ultimately follows after finding out we are only there for a year is where we will be going on july 1 2011.  the answer is; we don't know.  jastin will begin interviewing later this year for full time, permanent positions in the field of ent with a speciality in rhinology.  no, he will not be going into facial plastics or private practice.  he has chosen (so far) to pursue academics, which means he will be looking for something at a teaching institution.  i have to be honest in saying that it will be nice to have a say in where we go next.  
4) is adali walking yet?  no she is not.  she stands on her own for long periods of time and will take 2-3 steps from one thing to another but she scares herself every time she tries to take more than a few.  i have been told repeatedly by jastin that i am going to hell because i played what i thought was a great april fools joke on my mother by emailing her when she was out of the country to tell her that adali was walking.  she promptly emailed back and said she was crying tears of joy.  yes, i should have stopped the joke and yelled april fools through cyber space…but i didn't.  i let her keep thinking it through numerous phone conversations and finally had to confess when we went to visit and adali wouldn't take any steps for her.  yep, she was mad.  what can i say, i like april 1st. 
5) did adali ever end up taking a pacifier?  yes, actually she did.  funny how resourceful she became as she got older.  she still has poor suck, so she either bites it to keep it in her mouth or she holds it in with the back of her hand.  she now only gets it when sleeping.  we actually put 4 pacis in her crib when she sleeps.  she keeps one in her mouth and holds the others while she sleeps…pretty amazing to witness.
6)  did you ever get pajamas for adali to wear on christmas eve?  we did.  we got this cute little number.  
Picture 569 Picture 518
problem was, it didn't arrive at the house until after we had already left for illinois on christmas eve, so the pajamas became new years eve pj's.  i love when she wears them.  truth be told, i love babies in footed pajamas…nothing cuter.  this will be a tradition we will do from now on.  thanks, kristen for the idea.
7)  is adali still doing well with her sippy cup?  yes!  she rocks.  when i last wrote about her conquering the sippy cup she still wasn't taking milk from a cup, only juice or water, so we would have to give her a bottle or 2 of milk  (with maybe a little bit…ok maybe a lot of sugar in it to get her to take it.  don't hang me, other mothers told me they did the same thing.  but now she takes straight milk, NO SUGAR, in her sippy cup…which means no.more.bottles.  she actually started refusing the bottle which forced her to take more from the cup.  i'm not sure exactly how much she is supposed to be getting every day but she seems hydrated, drinks when she is thirsty, poops like a champ and gets plenty pf calcium in the other foods she eats during the day.  i consider this perfection.
8) if you don't give adali a bottle anymore, do you still have to rock her to sleep before her naps?  no!  when we try and rock her, she has other ideas, namely, playtime.  we can now just lay her in her crib when she is tired and she will hoard her pacis together and close her eyes.  it's amazing!  jastin and i like to joke how easy it is to be parents now.  a typical conversation will go like this;
jastin: are you sure we can do that with her?
me: yep, remember, it's easy now.
9)  does adali still love bath time?  yes, as a matter of fact just a few nights ago she started to put her entire head under the running water.  what kid likes this?  don't most kids hate to get water in their eyes?  not adali, she has slipped and gone under more than once and just pops right back up with a smile on her face.  i think this is a sign i need to get her in lessons this summer. 
10)  is adali saying any words yet?  ummmm, she trys and comes close.  she says dada directed to jastin but doesn't say mama specifically to me.   she says lexi but it comes out more like sissy. she says bye or bye-bye when someone leaves or when we put her shoes on her.  she tries so hard to say big bird.  and today i was calling flowers that she was trying to mangle pretties and she kept calling them titties.  yep, insert joke here.  she also started to do "so big" by herself when you ask her how big she is.  and when someone leaves she puts her cute little hands up wondering where they went.  she is the ultimate imitator.  if you burp, she burps, if you laugh, she laughs.  this is really cute now, but i can only imagine what will happen as she grows older.
11) have you "healed" enough to consider having more children?  i get this question a lot and honestly don't know how to answer it.  yes, i feel like wounds are scabbing over but at the same time i don't think it would take much to reopen them.  we are happy now as a family and that is what we are concentrating on.  we have a lot of exciting adventures ahead of us and we feel fortunate that we have a happy, healthy little girl to partake in these adventures with us.   
12)  have you hit your goal for this weekend's march for babies?  we are so.close.  as a team we have raised approximately $2300 toward our goal of $2500.  we have been overwhelmed at the support and are so excited for this weekend.  we will not only be walking in honor of adali this weekend but we will also be walking in memory of maddie.  to read her heartbreaking story you can click here.
13)  last but not least, are you still having a get together for people to meet adali the day of the march?  YES!  i have been so busy getting everything ready for this weekend, that I have forgotten to post about this.  on saturday at 1:00 pm at lafayette park in st. louis we will be having a "meet adali" bbq.  food will be served, music will be playing, stories will be told and adali will be eating dirt.  for those that are interested in coming, you won't be able to miss us at the park.  we will be set up by the playground.  i promised that this would be a beautiful day, and i hope not to disappoint.  the weather will be beautiful, the company will be beautiful and most of all the cause is so absolutely beautiful.  
i hope i have answered the burning questions that have sat in my inbox for longer than they should have.  if you have any that i did not answer you can always comment or email me at
now i leave you with a picture of adali proving that i am indeed full of crap and that she doesn't just get her paci at nap/bedtime.  
Adali paci  
much love,

mama a

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  1. she’s so adorable. i love these posts, jamie!

  2. Dana says:

    she is getting so big! She is a miracle baby! I also helped raise money for march of babies…we raised a little over 1000. We reached our goal! I know you don’t know me very well, but hopefully we will be able to get together soon! Where r u planning on moving in Georgia. My husbands family just moved from there and they loved it! The weather is so much better thuan the Midwest! Tell Jastin hi and that I need him for my doctor! I had a septoplasty and turbinectomy last April and my nose is still all jacked up with a bunch of scar tissue. Have another appointment this month…to figure how to fix it. I would rather have a baby then have that surgery again, but if it helps me breathe better then I don’t really have a choice. Email me so I can have your email address. It’s

  3. forgot to mention – jack henry likes to pour a cup of water on his head, much like adali sticking her head under the faucet. he’s the first of ours to do this…

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