tuesday, april 14

easter marks a time of many new beginnings not only in the church, but in our lives as well (mama helped me write this line).  one new beginning for me is that i can now throw caution to the wind and bathe in germs venture out into public once more.  this meant the best easter dress money could buy (in a recession of course) so that i could look fabulous in case we ran into the easter bunny making his final rounds on the way to easter mass.  

lexi and i tried to see if we could spot the cotton tailed critter, but no such luck.

Adali easter13
mama told me i behaved like a big girl should at mass.  i danced to the music of the choir, occasionally joined in with them, and flirted with anyone who would pay attention.  i am excited to go back every sunday.  
even though we never found the easter bunny, we did find the eggs he left.
Adali easter collage
it was a really special day, but one thing was missing…my daddy.  he was on call, so he couldn't see me in my pretty easter dress.  i still miss you daddy.
love and fairy dust,
Adali easter1

miss adali grace

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  1. Sara T says:

    Miss Adali you look absolutely ADORABLE in your Easter best! Congratulations on your jail break!!

  2. Jamie, she looks adorable! Happy Easter, Adali! And congrats on your release from house arrest!

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