friday, april 3

Adali horse1

wanna take a guess at what i'm looking at?  maybe i'm at the zoo?  or maybe looking at a beautiful house with a turnaround driveway?  or maybe mama put me in a cage and i'm trying to figure out how to get out?…

actually i am at the place where hops are brewed so i could see this beauty.

Ab horse1
mama and daddy and i live just a few blocks from the anheuser busch brewery and if you watch tv at all you know that their clydesdale horses are the stars of their commercials and the masoct of sorts for their beverages.  on the side of the brewery they have a beautiful stable where several of the celebrity clydesdales are kept.  as you know by now, mama is enamored by beautiful horses and she wanted to make sure that i got to see these clydesdales before we moved.  so, we walked down to take a glimpse the other day when the sun was shining brightly and the tulips were starting to make their appearance around the neighborhood.  i must say, they are as beautiful as she had described to me.  i stared, i pointed, i roared like a lion at them and then i found something just as interesting…
Adali horse3       

rocks!  and in usual fashion, i ate them.  

we hope you are enjoying your spring as much as we are.

love and fairy dust,

Adali horse2

adali grace

mama a here…i wanted to thank all of you who made the decision to help support us in the fight to end prematurity.  i am moved to tears every time i see a new name on the donation board.  to date we have raised close to $1000 and i have all of you to thank for it…i thank you and so do the precious lives that you will impact.  as i said in my last post, i know i have set a huge goal for myself, but i am not stopping until i reach it.  

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  1. Vicky says:

    Maybe you should disguise all of her food as rocks and she will eat them? I love the pink tree!

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