thursday, april 9

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it took me 4 years, but i have finally realized a perk of being married to a doctor.  now, before you get your panties in a bunch, i'm not complaining about being married to a physician.  i love my husband more than the stars and moon combined (ya like that honey) and besides the fact that he is devilishly handsome, i admire him for immersing himself in a profession that truly helps people every single day…he saves lives one snotty nose at a time.  what i'm saying is it's really hard sometimes, especially now that we we are a family.  there are many nights that adali and i spend alone.  we certainly make the most of them but it would be way more fun if the aforementioned devilishly handsome man in our little family were there with us.  and there's the fact that i married into 6 figure student loans.  i saw stars when i learned that bit of information.  oh yeah, and then there's the fact that it's impossible to get the ent in our little family to look in my ears when they feel funny.  oh, oh, and then there's the lovely beep beep beep beep beep beep ( i so wish i could add sound here) in the middle.of.the.night.  i can recite the conversation to any mother who's child has had their tonsils taken out and isn't eating and has a "bit of a temp."  and while i am certainly sympathetic to them, i always wonder what makes them think to call at 3:00 am versus 6:00 pm.  i digress. again, i'm not complaining…awww, who am i fooling…i am complaining.  but, last week i felt honored to be married to a physician.  

it all began when i put adali in her high chair for lunch.  she was starving so i gave her a bite to calm her down.  i turned around to set the bowl down so i could buckle her in and as i turned back toward her my heart sank.  she had gotten out of the seat and was heading backward over the side.  i was too far away to catch her and she landed flat on her back and head.  my world stopped for a second.  in shock, she paused and then started whaling.  i scooped her up and tried to make it better.  she was so upset she threw up several times.  panicked, i called dr. antisdel hoping he wasn't in the operating room.  i managed to reach him and explained what happened and told him that i thought i needed to bring her to the emergency room.  by this time she had calmed down but as hard as she hit i figured something had to have happened to her growing little brain.  he told me to calm down that he would call the attending on staff at cardinal glennon emergency room and would call me back right away.  within 90 seconds he was calling back letting me know that because she hadn't lost consciousness and that she seemed to be acting normal, that she would be ok and that there was no need to bring her to the emergency room unless she became "unadali like."  after 10 minutes of cuddle time, she was back to herself…dumping out a package of nails she found in a drawer…and i felt privileged that i was a doctor's wife…it's all about connections.  

moral of this story; buckle your baby in a high chair before you do anything else, it cool to be married to a doctor (especially when he's cute)…who wants to spend their afternoon in the emergency room if you don't have to?  

p.s. the "poser" in the pictures above are me back when i thought that i too wanted to save the world by becoming a physician.  do i look like meredith grey?  now, i have the best of both worlds, i can learn as much as i want to about medicine from the real dr. antisdel and i can love what i do in business (and at home).  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Erin Geary says:

    Amen, sister! Your lifestyle sounds very familiar, particularly the lonely nights and constant beep beep beep! Oh, and seeing stars when you heard about the six figure loans…

    We’re lucky because “Dr. A” has helped with questions about our little ears a couple of times :-)

    Erin, A1 and A2

  2. The Thoele's says:

    Been there with the falling out of/off of something and the tempoary heart stop it causes. Glad she is okay and super glad you have your very own Dr to call!! My MIL works in the peditricains office – so i am somewhat familair with the perks that are involved having a medical connection in the family! :-)

  3. Tina says:

    I will try to remember to post a picture of Hunter in his glory days of climbing. I was taking a shower, he was gated into the living room (thought he was safe) and next thing I know.. I hear a horrible boom and a whaling child after. In my naked confused stooper I jumped out of the shower and found Hunter had climbed over the gate and landed FACE first onto the hard kitchen floor. He was so bruised. I will try to remember to post that picture! You are lucky to have your hubby and us mommies panic regardless of the fall!! It makes you a good mom!

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