wednesday, april 8

Sippy cup
has ended.  so, you've heard me say over and over  again that adali would never figure out a sippy cup.  i took the advice of all of you and bought virtually every sippy cup on the market; ones with straws, ones with hard spouts, ones with soft spouts, ones with silicone spouts, ones with latex spouts, ones with handles, ones without handles.  i put everything imaginable in the sippy cups; water, low sugar juice, high sugar juice, milk, milk with chocolate in it, milk with sugar in it.  I would try in the morning, at night, when she was playing, when she was eating, when she wasn't paying attention and she just never got it….until.  
about a week and a half ago when jastin and i were scurrying around making the house even more perfect than it already is for a showing in a few hours.  adali was scooting around underneath my feet hanging on to my pant legs for dear life craving some attention.  i have no idea why, but i pulled her newest sippy cup out of the cabinet (the cheapest yet), filled it with a tiny bit of juice and a lot of water bent down to give her some and voila…she took it.  i was so wrapped up in what i needed to do around the house that i didn't even realize it at first until she kept sucking.  i turned to jastin and said, "i think she just got some."  i tried it again to show him and sure enough she was drinking out of it.
about a month ago i began weening her off of formula and on to cow's milk.  many warned me that kids can be finicky about switching to milk so i decided to do it very gradually.  first starting with just an ounce of milk in each bottle and slowly working up until a few weeks ago when it was time to go to all milk.  she didn't seem to have any issues so i figured that we had escaped the "finicky milk stage."  oh, what was i thinking?  the day i switched to all milk, she started refusing her bottles.  i wasn't that worried because i knew she was still getting enough to be hydrated and figured it was time for us to cut down on the number of bottles she was taking so she would eat more solids anyway.  she started to eat like a maniac and shortly after is when she decided her sippy cup was actually a friend that would deliver deliciousness, not the devil come to poison her.  
i have waited to blog about it, because well, i didn't want to jinx it.  i think we are in the clear now.  i still have to hold the sippy cup for her (baby steps) but i'm not complaining.  she still gets 1 (sometimes 2) bottles a day just until she starts to drink a little bit more from the sippy cup.  and on top of the sippy cup greatness, she is eating awesome as well.  right now she eats a wider range of foods than i do; everything from hummus to tuna salad (both of which i can't stand).  one thing that she has started that is a bit annoying is the old savor your food in your mouth trick.  she keeps her bite of food in her mouth forever which makes meal time last forever.  but, i'm still not complaining.  to think how far we've come with her eating from just a few months ago is amazing to me.
and so the journey continues…
much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Being a mom of a picky – stubborn – girl – I know how good it feels to get her on the cup and eating a bigger variety of food! Good deal!!

  2. Go Adali! Now come over and show Austin how it’s done! (yes, I’m eating my “don’t stress, it’s WILL happen” words!!)

  3. Yay, Adali!

    Hold on to all of those cups Jamie…after a while she probably won’t care which one she uses. Out of curiosity – which did she like the best?

  4. Jamie says:

    nicole, she ended up taking the most basic nuby (no handles, soft spout) i think it’s like $1.80 per cup which makes me smile. i figured i would either keep all of the ones she doesn’t like right now for later OR start a library of sorts for other moms to check out when they are going through the same thing so they don’t have to waste as much money as we did. :)

  5. Jenna says:

    Good news with the sippy cups! Mikan’s ST has ordered some special sippy cup for him with the hopes of completely skipping the bottle. I had no idea feeding was so complicated!


  6. JH likes the Nuby one, too. We picked it up on vacation last summer because (duh!) I forgot his diaper bag at home (luckily, it didn’t have too much of what we needed in it!) and I had to buy something for him to use…and this was before he was really using a sippy for more than just playing around! But on that trip he really got the hang of it b/c that cup was so easy to use.

    I’m not sure where you got yours, but they have them at Walmart.

  7. Sara T says:

    Okay – so i had a big response typed and it didn’t save – or at least i don’t see it – so i will respond again – my apologies if this shows up twice………

    This Nuby style cup is also what sealed the deal for Katie learning to drink from a sippy as well!!
    Perhaps we should do a commercial for Nuby – might be worth a free $1.89 cup! :-)

    Warning though – i discovered this week that the girls have mananged to get one of the little rectangles out of the mouthpiece of one of our cups (don’t know if they swallowed it or what) so now the cup is no longer “spillproof” although no cup is spillproof when Katie is involved – seems that spill proof doesn’t “count” when the cup is being chucked across a room! :-)

  8. Tina says:

    I gave Hunter a bottle until he was like 18 months. So dont feel bad if she doesnt or wasnt getting it! She wont go to kindergarten with a bottle! Sounds like you all are doing great!

  9. Mandy says:

    Hey Jamie…Nolan first switched from bottle to cup on the Nuby ones; however, we no longer use them because he quickly learned that the tops chewed off very easily. We now use the Playtex ones with a hard top, but he’s at the point now that he’ll pretty much use any. Just wanted to give you the heads up to watch for on those.

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