thursday, april 30

Adali couch
i remember when jastin and i were having a conversation about adali and her health last fall.  after her first rsv shot, he asked, "when do you think she'll be able to get out again?'  my response, "when pigs fly."  seriously, it felt like a long time before we would be able to get out and about as a family.  over the winter, i would look at the calendar often dreaming of the spring.  my favorite season by far, i longed for dinners on the patio, walks with the smell of dogwood's in the air and getting to show my baby off at last.  we made the decision to gradually introduce her to things like restaurants, stores and public places in general.  so far she has soaked up every experience.  when we put her in a shopping cart for the first time, she had a look on her face as if we just gave a menopausal woman a fan.  as we rolled down the aisles, she squealed with delight.  she flirts with any person who will give her the time of day and expects each of them to give her as much attention as she gets at home, which makes sense if you think about it.  any personal contact she has had has been someone she knows that showers her with nothing but attention.  she now thinks every person in the st. louis metro area should do the same.  and many of them do which is quite fun to see.  
because she's doing so well in public and because we are eager to do things with our child would she not have been born 3 months early, we have decided to take adali with us next week to georgia!  a 4 day trip that consists of traveling on a plane, staying in a hotel, surviving multiple car rides with her all in the name of finding a southern mansion modest place to live.  we currently have half a dozen appointments set up of houses for rent in various parts of augusta.  there is one i have my eye on and hope it lives up to my expectations in person.  the problem; there is another couple that has already looked at it and has until monday (when we see it) to snatch it up. 
i am actually excited about all of this.  i am excited for adali to start experiencing what she sees outside of her window instead of just dreaming about what's out there.  she really is laid back and goes with the flow really well, so i think she will enjoy the time exploring augusta with us.  or at least i'm telling myself this as to not get myself worked up before we ever leave.     
what's that?  swine flu you say?  well, we have been listening to the cdc (not joe biden) and feel it is perfectly safe to travel with her.  we will simply take the precautions we always take when in public places…ya know, washing your hands often, using lots of antibacterial wipes, avoiding kids with snot barrels hanging out of their nose.
since this is our first time traveling with a little one and since many of you have probably done it several times already, let me in on any helpful hints you have….like stroller or no stroller, duct tape or no duct tape (kidding, kidding)?
much love,

mama a

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  1. The Thoele's says:

    Awesome – good for you!! My advice – lots of snacks (for Adali) – and try to plan as much long travel around nap times as possible (i am sure you can’t convince the airline to schedule take off to coincide with nap time – but it’s worth a shot ;-) )
    Good Luck and have a good time!!
    Take some pictures!

  2. Mandy says:

    That will be so exciting! We traveled by plane with Nolan last summer (so he was just over 1 year)…and I was quite nervous about the plane ride and how he’d do. We were very surprised by how well it actually went. Our top ideas that worked: A new sippy cup (one w/ a straw that he never used before) to use during take-off and landing to help with the ear pressure; new toys/books that he saw on the plane for the first time ever; & the portable DVD player! He ended up sleeping most of the ride! Good luck!

  3. Erin Geary says:

    I’ve flown with just Avery 18 times (!) and two kids twice (almost every time by myself) so I have it down to a science. 1) If you can use the Baby Bjorn over the stroller, do it. As easy as it is, you will have to fold the stroller up multiple times (once to go through security, once to board), and it just becomes a pain. 2) Make sure you wear easy on/off no-tie shoes, and do the same for Adali. As ridiculous as it sounds, security will make her take off her shoes (I almost got arrested when I pitched a fit about taking off Auden’s when he was 4 weeks old! Seriously, like you can even fit a bomb in those tiny things). Also avoid a coat if you can and just bring a blanket, b/c sometimes they make you take her coat off as well. 3) PORTABLE DVD PLAYER!!!! 4)Tons of snacks 5)Use a paci or sippy cup during take off and landing 5) Pack Adali’s needs in a separate bag from yours if possible, b/c you will get sick of digging through a million books and DVDs just to get out some gum out for yourself :-) 6)Extra zip lock bags for stinky diapers…I don’t know why, but for some reason my babies always waited until they were on the plane to make poos, and sometimes you can’t get up to change it and have to do it in the seat. Fun times.

    Hope one of those helps! Enjoy JoJa and Dawg Country :-)

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