monday, may 11

June cleaver

i think it's safe to say that my spirit has been a little low lately.  i have been anxious about selling our house, finding a place to live in georgia and coordinating a move that seems to be approaching at warp speed, among other things.  but, this weekend i got the chance to forget about it all and focus on long lasting friendships, milestones that have been reached and fun things to come.  and on top of all of that it was mother's day.  one that i embraced this year much more than last year.  i know that must sound odd as last year i had just brought adali home and she was doing well.  but i was struggling with fear of what it meant to be a mother and hoping that God wasn't playing a trick on me by giving me such a great gift only to take it away too soon.  but this year came with a sense of ease.  i understand better than ever, what a mother's purpose is and am embracing the title more now than i ever have.  

but one thing i ask you to think about as you celebrate future mother's days is to broaden the circle of women you share it with.  i don't think you have to be a mother in the literal sense of the word to celebrate the day.  you see, there are many fabulous women in my life that have impacted me in many positive ways and there will be just as many if not more special women to do the same for adali.

i am surrounded by women who dream of being mothers but struggle with infertility.  i am surrounded by women who grieve the child that was taken from them too soon.  i am surrounded by women who made the choice not to become a mother and those that didn't make the choice but were never granted a simple wish.  they may never be called mom, but it doesn't mean they don't have an impact as a woman.  

and for that reason, i ask you to include these very special women into your celebrations next year…heck maybe we should even rally to change the name to "fabulous woman's day."

speaking of fabulous women, i have to thank a few that made this past weekend so special for me.  my friends from high school insisted that since i never got to have a baby shower with adali that we get together to celebrate adali's successes and visit one last time before we head for the south.  the day was very special to me and i can't wait to do it again some day.  thank you ladies!  friends don't get any better than you.

i hope every woman out there had as special a "fabulous woman's day" as i did…see changing the name isn't that hard….

much love,

mama a



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  1. Tina says:

    Hi. Happy fabulous womens day to you! Im sorry I missed the shower. I was at home with Hunter. He has shingles. We are finally on the mends. Let me know if you will be in town again before you move! Peace and love

  2. Angie Lark says:

    Hey Jamie,

    Every time I get on here to catch up I am convinced you missed your calling and should be writing books. But this mothers day thing really got me, thanks for putting it so well. I did end up a “mom” after marrying Phil and being lucky enough to get a great kid in the deal. I will never forget the statue to gave me about being a mom when you were a senior.
    Love ya Much, Angie Lark (cheerleader mom)

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