tuesday, may 12

i am not one for huge, lavish gifts.  i am a card girl.  i love hand written notes from loved ones; the messy handwriting, scribbled notes of thoughts straight from the heart.  i keep them too.  at first they go up on a cork board (handmade from corks from wine drank by hubby and i) in our kitchen and at the beginning of each year they take their place with the other written gems i have received over the years.  i take certain ones out from time to time and read them over and over again.  call me weird but i like it.  

my husband has had to learn the hard way…through disappointing looks and the ever-nagging "no card?" after opening gifts on holidays.  he has always been good about gifts.  he prides himself on his gift giving.  just not so good about the written words part…until a few days ago.  he had a card from him and a card from adali both with very special words inside them.  i was instantly mush.  i felt special…i felt loved.  

but, he didn't stop there.  he knew i had been wanting a bike but would never buy it myself.  i haven't had the best of luck with bikes lately.  i have owned 2 in the past 3 years and well, let's just say i don't own them anymore.  i had seen one online and fallen in love with it.  it was old school.  one that reminded me of my mom when we were little.  i wanted it to take adali on bike rides this summer just like my she used to do with us as kids.  we had the baby carrier already, just no bike…until a few days ago.

jastin gave me this little ditty for mother's day…excuse me, fabulous woman's day and i am so excited.  i imagine riding up to a farmer's market with adali, picking up some stuff for dinner and some fresh flowers and putting it in the little basket i will have on the front.   he really does know how to make me smile.  now all we need to do is find a place to live and hope it's near a market.  
much love,

mama a      

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  1. Sweeney says:

    i am sooooo freaking jealous of your new bike! i’ve been wanting a bike just like that (only all pink – my favorite color, baby’ish i know) forever! lucky! think i could take it out for a spin before you guys skip town? :)


  2. Jamie says:

    michelle, of course you can take it for a spin! it should be delivered today and i am so excited. ps, they do have this bike in all pink ;)

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