saturday, may 2

don't forget  your hats and mint julep today.  adali and i are all dolled up, deciding our picks and are awaiting the trumpets.  

Adali jamie
we will soon be trading our mint julep for some sweet tea and rocking chairs as we leave tomorrow morning for the south.  i have decided to sign up for twitter and have a button on the left side of the page (under recent comments) so you can follow our journey with us.  check back often to see how adali is doing on her first trip out of the lou.
much love,

mama a    

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  1. Erin Geary says:

    Read you on Twitter! Did I not tell you about the shoes?!! It’s totally insane!

  2. Jamie says:

    Seriously Erin what is up with that? I read your comment but tried to get away with it myself. We took your advice…no stroller…it worked great. She just chilled in her sling flirting with anyone that would flirt back.

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