thursday, may 28

my plan was to post this video much closer to her birthday but i actually just got around to putting the video together a few days ago.  i just realized as i was typing the date for the post that this should have been her birthday, so let's just pretend this is what i meant to do all along.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. grandma Donna says:

    Jamie what a tribute to Adali,Jastin and you! The many hours of watching, praying and loving Adali while she was in the hospital and even the first months when she got home, has paid off big time! She is one of the happiest and cutest babies I know! Even if my opinion is biased! We love all of you

  2. very, very sweet. i’ll bet that took you forever to make!

  3. Sara T says:

    You’ve come a long way baby!!
    Very cool video – loved watching the progess she made from start until now!
    Okay at this point i am not going to lie – that toe in the mouth picture creeped me out a bit!! :-)

  4. Sonya says:

    That’s an amazing video Jamie! Great job with it. She’s a miracle, that’s for sure!!

  5. Sherri Sweeney says:

    Jamie, I cried through the whole video. I am so happy for you and Jastin. What a wonderful tribute to Adali’s first year and to the love you, Jastin and Adali share. Happy Birthday Adali, with love from Sherri Sweeney.

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