wednesday may, 13

after many threats requests for more pictures and updates of adali, i have finally decided to oblige.  which, decoded, means that i have finally downloaded pictures of her onto my computer.  

we went to the park the other day for her to soak up some vitamin d and let off some toddler steam.

Adali park5     
her new thing is pointing.  she points to everything and wants you to tell her about it.  so the park allows ample opportunity to learn about all kinds of new things for her….like ducks…
Adali park9
and frogs…
Adali park8
and fish…(hello is she not his mini me right now!)
Adali park2
and things to climb on…
Adali park6 Adali park7
she seems to already be the popular kid on the playground because all of the older kids wanted to play with her or show her different things.  
in other adali news, she is teething right now and it looks like many of her lower teeth are coming through at the same time.  so far (i don't want to jinx it) she seems to be handling it really well.  yeah, she has her fussy moments when they seem to really be bothering her but she is still sleeping well (this is where the internet went out from our house being struck by lightning), and has a very good temperament most of the time (unless she drop things on her feet, which she has been doing a lot lately).  
she still isn't walking although if you ask me she is simply being lazy about it.  to whip her into shape i make her stand up if i see her plop down and start to scoot…even if it means that i have to help her get to where she is going.  if i do help her, it's simply a matter of putting out one finger for her to hold…mental reassurance i suppose.
she has a funky rash on her left arm and side that has slowly developed over the past few weeks.  at first i thought it was a heat rash, but it seemed to pop up whether it was warm or not.  i have tried to clear it up with both aquaphor and hydrocortisone with no success.  it hasn't seemed to bother her at all, but i still need to make an appointment with the pediatrician to get it looked at.
i'm not sure if you saw my tweet yesterday, but i got really annoyed after weighing adali on a whim.  she has lost a substantial amount of weight in the last month.  ugh!  according to the scale she doesn't even weigh 17 lbs.  helllo, are you kidding me.  i try my hardest to get her to eat as much high calorie, nutrient rich foods as i can.  she only drinks whole milk (no juice or water).  she gets 4-5 meals a day and seems to do well when she does eat.  i'm not sure what else to do.  i need to bring it up to her pediatrician when she goes for her rash.  she seems to be getting taller and looks healthy.  i just don't know what we will do if she continues to lose weight or stops gaining.  it's nothing emergent but it is concerning to both of us.  
adali is a huge social monkey.  she is drawn to other kids and craves interaction from adults.  i want to take advantage of her willingness to want to be social right now but am lost at the best avenues.  i can tell she is getting sick of looking at my ugly mug all day long, so if any of you have ideas of classes, groups or other ways i can get her involved with other kids at this age, i would love to hear them.
i hope this adali update subsides any withdrawal symptoms a specific few of you were having.  i promise to talk less about what's going on in my life and more about what's going on in hers…cause ya know…our lives don't intersect at all….  
much love,

mama a  

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  1. LOVING those argyle baby legs…I so badly need a niece to buy things like that for!

    I hope the teething continues to be quiet and peaceful. Jack Henry is on his last eye tooth and it’s not been bad (for once).

    I’ll pray that her weight loss was just a fluke…

  2. Chrystal says:

    Your pictures make me want to hang myself with my own camera strap! They are great! You’re developing serious skills! :)

    Here’s to hoping the scale isn’t right!

  3. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:


    I love the new pics of Miss Adali! She looks just like her daddy! I hope you are doing great as you get ready for your big move!


  4. Sonya says:

    Love all the pictures! Glad the teething is going well. Not so much here.
    Have you ever tried The Music Playhouse? I know they have it there in STL, they are GREAT! Both my girls love them. Just an idea for a class to do.

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